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news.gifNouvelles (rss) - BBC UK News

BBC News - UK

BBC News - UK

Brexit: EU demands 'serious UK response' on citizens' rights

The top EU figure put rights centre stage as the EU-27 formally approve negotiating guidelines.

(29/04/2017 @ 12:10)

General Election 2017: May urges Scots to 'strengthen Union'

The prime minister speaks at a rally during her first election campaign trip to Scotland.

(29/04/2017 @ 12:55)

Billy Monger: Amputee Formula 4 driver 'will race again'

Formula 1 drivers at the Russian Grand Prix put #BillyWhizz stickers on their cars to show support.

(29/04/2017 @ 11:46)

Jack Monroe to stand for National Health Action Party

The food blogger and activist will fight for the Tory-held seat of Southend West.

(29/04/2017 @ 14:51)

'Mr Gorilla' raises £26,000 by crawling London Marathon

Tom Harrison took more than six days to cover 26.2 miles on all fours for a gorilla charity.

(29/04/2017 @ 09:54)

General election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn defends leadership style

The Labour leader also used his speech to urge young people to register to vote and back him.

(29/04/2017 @ 11:02)

British 'Syria fighter' Josh Walker accused of terror offences

Josh Walker is due to appear before Westminster Magistrates' Court on Friday.

(29/04/2017 @ 13:56)

Hartlepool UKIP rally marred by women's street fight

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall said the women were not members of the party.

(29/04/2017 @ 10:50)

Willesden shooting: Terror suspect once quizzed in IS probe

One of the men arrested after Thursday's raid in north London was deported from Turkey in 2015.

(29/04/2017 @ 11:35)

Head teachers vote to oppose grammar school expansion

The National Association of Head Teachers backed moves to reject a new wave of grammar schools.

(29/04/2017 @ 11:58)

Cardiff passengers 'stranded' after major rail disruption

Fault causes 'major disruption' as trains stop between Swindon and Didcot, affecting passengers from south Wales.

(29/04/2017 @ 13:32)

General election 2017: UKIP leader Paul Nuttall to stand in Boston and Skegness

The UKIP leader will seek votes in the seat that recorded the highest Leave vote last year.

(29/04/2017 @ 09:03)

Sats tests: Exam results 'manipulated for political agenda'

Head teachers express concerns that exam results can be manipulated by politicians and their agencies.

(29/04/2017 @ 12:14)

'Mr Gorilla' crosses London Marathon finishing line

A man who crawled the London Marathon completes the course, raising £26,000 for charity.

(29/04/2017 @ 09:49)

Student horrified by MP 'gay comments'

Esther Poucher, 16, asked MP Andrew Turner a question at college - hours later he stepped down.

(29/04/2017 @ 05:08)

Poorna Bell on the addiction and suicide of her husband

Poorna Bell explains how her husband took his own life after a secret battle with heroin addiction

(28/04/2017 @ 07:56)

General Election 2017: Corbyn defends leadership style

The Labour leader says people can make up their own minds - and criticises "presidential" Theresa May.

(29/04/2017 @ 11:49)

Three vloggers talk directly to their mental illnesses.

Three vloggers are speaking directly to their mental illnesses.

(28/04/2017 @ 19:46)

Hip hop tearing up the main stage

Breakin' Convention brings together the world's finest at Sadler's Wells Video Journalist: Alex Stanger. Producer: Claudia Redmond

(28/04/2017 @ 22:05)

Great Harwood vegan explains taxidermy hobby

Nicola Hebson "recycles" road kill and says she likes the idea of the animals being "reborn" into art.

(28/04/2017 @ 19:51)

BBC News Channel

BBC coverage of latest developments

(17/02/2017 @ 05:41)

Watch: Mary Hayes' firemen-for-her-birthday wish granted

Mary Hayes' wish was granted after she had made the request for six years in a row at her care home.

(29/04/2017 @ 09:20)

Honeymooners struck by surprise gift

A couple's honeymoon on Skye gets a special twist after a passer-by spots "just married" written on their car.

(28/04/2017 @ 07:40)

Smashed Bananas

Is there life on Mars? Did you enjoy being pregnant? Bananarama tackle questions from the 1980s.

(28/04/2017 @ 19:24)

'I don't feel blessed'

Parents of disabled children are often positive about the situation - but one mother says her children's autism has left her with "dark thoughts".

(28/04/2017 @ 20:09)


Anthony Joshua starts as favourite to beat Wladimir Klitschko but do the pundits agree? And who will you vote for?

(28/04/2017 @ 15:16)

Hitler's confidante

One of the high-society Mitford sisters, Unity, caused a scandal thanks to her relationship with Adolf Hitler. So how did she end up in a Warwickshire vicarage?

(28/04/2017 @ 19:49)

'Strong leadership'

There is a stark difference between a strong leader and a strong leadership, says Archie Brown.

(28/04/2017 @ 20:52)

First rung

A father and son's experiences of starting out on the housing ladder

(28/04/2017 @ 20:45)

Six years on people are still celebrating Ed Balls Day

Ed Balls Day is the social media mishap which has been celebrated on 28 April for the past six years

(28/04/2017 @ 06:17)

M&S on the road

The High Street giant prepares to join a crowded market for home delivery but could face problems.

(28/04/2017 @ 06:21)

7 days quiz:

7 days quiz: How did Tom Hardy prove himself a good citizen?

(27/04/2017 @ 19:58)

Cash from crowds

Election candidates are turning to crowdfunding sites to raise money for the snap general election.

(28/04/2017 @ 06:45)

No branch?

Operators say that new technology means video ATMs will change the way we bank.

(27/04/2017 @ 19:05)

You say chorizo...

Masterchef viewers get heated on Twitter about the right way to say the spicy sausage.

(27/04/2017 @ 13:06)

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Spécial : réforme du collège

- BO spécial n°11 du 26 novembre 2015: Programmes d'enseignement du cycle des apprentissages fondamentaux (cycle 2), du cycle de consolidation (cycle 3) et du cycle des approfondissements (cycle 4) à compter de la rentrée 2016

Annexe 1: Programme cycle 2
Annexe 2: Programme cycle 3
Annexe 3: Programme cycle 4

- Eduscol: Ressources d'accompagnement pour les langues vivantes aux cycles 2,3 et 4

- Questions / réponses sur la nouvelle organisation du collège sur éduscol

- DNB: Modalités d'attribution à compter de 2017. BO n° 3 du 21 janvier 2016 et BO n°14 du 8 avril 2016

- BO n° 17 du 23 avril 2015 (encart) Socle commun de connaissances, de compétence et de culture à compter de la rentrée 2016

-  Présentation sur le portail éduscol du nouveau socle commun pour 2016.

- Sur Eduscol: Ressources pour l'évaluation du niveau de maîtrise du socle commun en langue vivante 

- Dossier "Stratégie Langues vivantes"' (janvier 2016)

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