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news.gifNouvelles (rss) - BBC UK News

BBC News - UK

BBC News - UK

Coronavirus: Moral duty to get all children back in school - PM

Boris Johnson wants schools in England to be the last sector to close in any future local lockdowns.

(08/08/2020 @ 21:54)

Coronavirus: Redundancies rise fivefold as pandemic hits jobs

A Freedom of Information request shows a rapid rise in firms in June saying they were cutting staff.

(08/08/2020 @ 19:01)

Oxford Street stabbing: Three arrested after teen killed

The male died after he was stabbed on Market Place at the junction with Oxford Street.

(08/08/2020 @ 17:58)

Welsh government 'may question gatherings advice'

An adviser says ministers may look back and question decisions around the Wales-Scotland match.

(08/08/2020 @ 19:06)

Tate boss defends plan to cut 200 jobs in art gallery shops and cafes

"Sadly at the moment the trading business is too big," Maria Balshaw told Desert Island Discs.

(08/08/2020 @ 19:03)

PSNI officers injured in west Belfast during bonfire clearance

At least 26 police officers are injured as youths throw petrol bombs, masonry and other missiles in west Belfast.

(08/08/2020 @ 15:47)

Coronavirus in Scotland: Sixty more cases detected

The number includes 39 in the NHS Grampian area where there is a growing cluster of cases in Aberdeen.

(08/08/2020 @ 11:37)

Gandhi's glasses left in Bristol auctioneer's letterbox

Auctioneers say the spectacles' owner had no idea they could be sold for more than £15,000.

(08/08/2020 @ 19:36)

Sideman quits Radio 1Xtra over BBC's use of racial slur

The BBC 1Xtra DJ says the broadcast of the word was a "slap in the face of our community".

(08/08/2020 @ 14:35)

Bawsey Country Park: Man dies after 'getting into difficulty' in lake

The man's body was recovered from the water and he died at the scene.

(08/08/2020 @ 12:35)

Hundreds join protest outside Tottenham Police Station

Crowds call for an end of what they say is an "overpolicing" of black communities.

(08/08/2020 @ 14:45)

Home Office seeks military help over migrant crossings

More than 500 people have been intercepted crossing the English Channel in recent days.

(08/08/2020 @ 17:31)

Coronavirus: Has Covid-19 made more people want to be their own boss?

More people have inquired about going self-employed since the pandemic, a business federation says.

(08/08/2020 @ 19:07)

Coronavirus: How to stay cool in a face mask as hot UK weather forecast

Temperatures are forecast to top 30C in some parts of the UK this weekend. Perhaps it is not the time you want to be partially covering your face.

(07/08/2020 @ 00:32)

Virus cases 'may be levelling off' in England, figures suggest

After a low in cases at the end of June, the ONS estimated infections had been rising slightly in July.

(07/08/2020 @ 12:31)

Coronavirus: Nurse who ignored pain has leg amputated

Sette Buenaventura ignored cramp in her calf to continue working but later found she had cancer.

(07/08/2020 @ 10:38)

Coronavirus: NHS England scales back private sector deal

A deal in which NHS England had access to 92% of private hospitals beds will come to an end.

(07/08/2020 @ 12:41)

Coronavirus: What are the UK travel quarantine rules?

Belgium, Bahamas and Andorra are the latest places from where people must quarantine on arriving in the UK.

(07/08/2020 @ 05:53)

Coronavirus: What am I allowed to do in the hot weather this weekend?

Hot weather is expected across the UK this weekend, but how do you stay within the rules?

(07/08/2020 @ 10:22)

Coronavirus: Parents 'petrifying' choice on lockdown heart op

Brayden Bull's parents were caught between the risks of both Covid-19 or an operation in lockdown.

(08/08/2020 @ 19:05)

'An afternoon tea turned into our surprise wedding'

The wedding was sprung on guests wearing jeans and t-shirt at a family gathering in Scotland.

(08/08/2020 @ 19:02)

Coronavirus: How fishing trade transformed to survive lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing the fishing industry to diversify to stay in business.

(08/08/2020 @ 19:26)

Norfolk lockdown band links up with James Bond composer and other 'stars'

Todd Sharpville says he is working with top singers and film composer David Arnold.

(08/08/2020 @ 19:34)

Why are migrants crossing the English Channel?

Rising numbers of migrants are trying to cross the English Channel in dinghies and other small boats.

(07/08/2020 @ 11:48)

Hot weather: How to sleep in the heat

A simple guide on how to get a good night's sleep in the heat.

(06/08/2020 @ 11:38)

UK weather: Beaches busy as hot weather continues

Sun-lovers flock to the seaside as temperatures top 34C in south-east England.

(08/08/2020 @ 15:27)

Black Lives Matter: Campaign for black businesses has been 'extraordinary'

A campaign to support businesses run by black people has had an "extraordinary effect" on sales.

(08/08/2020 @ 19:09)

Coronavirus: Winchester teenager films lockdown documentary

Teenager Octavia Sanger is releasing her first documentary on an international streaming service.

(08/08/2020 @ 19:27)

UK immigration: At sea with migrants crossing the Channel

The BBC's Simon Jones encounters a boat full of migrants who have succeeded in reaching UK waters.

(07/08/2020 @ 08:47)

Screen-time messages designed to decrease phone use

A new project encourages adults to communicate more with their kids and focus less on their devices.

(07/08/2020 @ 19:06)

Firefighters tackle wildfire on Chobham Common in Surrey

Aerial footage from the area shows the scale of the fire.

(07/08/2020 @ 13:50)

Tashan Daniel: Murdered on the London Underground

The BBC followed Tashan Daniel's best friend Leon Haque as he attended the gruelling murder trial.

(08/08/2020 @ 02:41)

Newspaper headlines: School reopening a 'national priority'

Boris Johnson's plan to ensure schools reopen in England fully in September is among Sunday's front page stories.

(09/08/2020 @ 00:46)

When the virus came to our hospital

As the Covid-19 pandemic loomed, the staff at one hospital braced themselves. Nothing would turn out as they expected.

(08/08/2020 @ 19:01)

Nurses protest over pay at demonstrations in Scotland

Nurses also paid tribute at the events to colleagues who died fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

(08/08/2020 @ 15:05)

Coronavirus: Aviation workers protest at Belfast International

Three MPs joined the demonstration, which called on Westminster and Stormont to help save jobs.

(08/08/2020 @ 12:11)

Travel warning as crowds flock to Welsh beauty spots

Cars are towed in Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons while crowds have gathered in Cardiff Bay.

(08/08/2020 @ 11:34)

Crowdfunding gives St Albans music venue hope for future

Paul Young and Kim Wilde are among the musicians to have played at The Horn in St Albans.

(08/08/2020 @ 19:25)

Dernière mise à jour : 05/08/2020 @ 18:22


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- BO spécial n° 6 du 31 juillet 2020: LLCER - épreuve terminale

- BO spécial n° 6 du 31 juillet 2020: LLCER - évaluation commune en classe de  1ere

- BO spécial n° 6 du 31 juillet 2020: Evaluations communes LVA / LVB, cycle terminal, lycée général et technologique

 - BO n° 30 du 23 juillet 2020: Programme LLCER Anglais Monde contemporain (1ere et Tle)

- BO n° 21 du 21 mai 2020: Programme limitatif de l'enseignement de spécialité LLCER en classe de terminale
- E3C: banque nationale de sujets

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- Grille d'évaluation - LLCER - 1ère (format pdf) (décembre 2019

- FAQ LV Réforme Bac 2021(format pdf) (Nov. 2019)

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(nov. 2019)

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- Eduscol: Ressources pour l' ETLV

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- Eduscol : série de  Sujets Zéro pour les nouvelles épreuves du Bac 2021.

- Enseignement de spécialité LLCER: Programme limitatif pour l'enseignement de spécialité LLCER Anglais : BO n°22 du 29 mai 2019

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- Vers le BAC 2021": outils et ressources pour la mise en œuvre; textes de référence; présentation de la réforme du baccalauréat." - Eduscol.

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