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news.gifNouvelles (rss) - BBC UK News

BBC News - UK

BBC News - UK

Covid: 'No evidence' virus levels decreasing in England

Imperial College London research suggests rates may have risen over the first 10 days of the third lockdown.

(20/01/2021 @ 20:55)

Storm Christoph: Evacuations amid floods and snow

More than 200 flood warnings are in place across England and Wales as river levels peak overnight.

(20/01/2021 @ 21:48)

Covid: UK reports 1,820 deaths as Johnson warns tough weeks to come

A further 1,820 people die in the UK within 28 days of a positive test - another all-time high.

(20/01/2021 @ 15:45)

Food supply problems in NI clearly a Brexit issue - Coveney

NI Secretary Brandon Lewis said empty shelves in Northern Ireland were down to Covid-19.

(20/01/2021 @ 20:55)

UK and EU in row over bloc's diplomatic status

The EU's top representative in London is not being given the same privileges as other ambassadors.

(20/01/2021 @ 20:26)

Biden inauguration: Step forward after bumpy period - Boris Johnson

Congratulating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the PM said it was a "big moment" for the UK and US.

(20/01/2021 @ 16:56)

Covid: House hunters travelling 'hundreds of miles' to view homes

Estate agents call for tougher measures - as buyers race to beat the end of the stamp duty holiday.

(20/01/2021 @ 20:53)

Universities degree 'not the only route to success'

Ministers announce plans to reform post-16 education to give employers the skilled people they need.

(20/01/2021 @ 21:14)

Troubles victims: Thousands of relatives call for action

Some 3,500 people sign an open letter, published in three newspapers.

(20/01/2021 @ 21:02)

Ben & Jerry's maker Unilever to insist suppliers pay 'living wage'

Unilever says that by 2030 suppliers must pay staff enough to cover a family's basic needs.

(20/01/2021 @ 20:00)

Coronavirus: Priti Patel says UK should have closed borders in March 2020

The home secretary has been recorded telling supporters she was an "advocate" of closures last year.

(20/01/2021 @ 13:44)

Covid in Scotland: Peacetime excess deaths highest since 1891

Peacetime excess deaths for 2020 were the highest in Scotland since 1891, official figures show.

(20/01/2021 @ 13:45)

Rollout of daily testing of close contacts paused in English schools

More work is needed to understand its benefits in schools in England given the new variant, health officials say.

(20/01/2021 @ 12:03)

Do you 'Zoom lunch' with home-working colleagues?

Some firms are encouraging staff who are working from home to take their lunch breaks together.

(20/01/2021 @ 20:02)

Coronavirus: Majority of discretionary self-isolation support applications rejected, Labour say

The majority of applications for the discretionary part of the test and trace grant are unsuccessful.

(20/01/2021 @ 10:33)

Covid vaccine: Priti Patel 'working to get jabs to front-line roles'

The PM says he wants them vaccinated "as soon as possible" but will listen to scientific advice.

(20/01/2021 @ 10:47)

Covid-19: Military to assist NI medical staff

The health minister asks the Ministry of Defence to help out, primarily at a number of hospitals.

(20/01/2021 @ 18:20)

Covid: 'Sharp drop' in heart-attack hospital admissions

Some people who need urgent help appear to be staying away, as in the first peak, say researchers.

(19/01/2021 @ 21:26)

Monklands ICU staff are 'physically and emotionally' drained

The BBC's James Cook returns to Monklands Hospital eight months on to find the staff struggling against the odds.

(20/01/2021 @ 02:03)

Covid in Scotland: Phased return 'likely' for Scottish schools

The youngest and oldest pupils, plus those with additional support needs will be among the first to return to classrooms.

(20/01/2021 @ 09:09)

Senedd alcohol row: PM 'expects above and beyond' on Covid

Downing Street comments come after senior Welsh Tories others seen drinking on Senedd premises.

(20/01/2021 @ 14:44)

Covid: Home-schooling pushed ex-Royal Marine 'to breaking point'

Mark Ormrod, who is a triple amputee, says teaching his children was a "traumatic" experience.

(20/01/2021 @ 02:38)

Covid: Crops 'damaged nationwide' by lockdown walkers avoiding mud

An influx of people walking over planted crops is impacting farmers' businesses, a rural association says.

(20/01/2021 @ 02:08)

Could Alex Salmond bring down Nicola Sturgeon?

The next few weeks could be bloody for the SNP as a Scottish Parliament inquiry kicks off.

(20/01/2021 @ 21:18)

Brexit: 'I was asked to pay an extra £82 for my £200 coat'

Shoppers buying items from Europe now have to pay customs or VAT charges on those above a certain value.

(20/01/2021 @ 19:59)

Covid: 'No furlough because they shut the company'

Out-of-date tax systems mean people are falling through the cracks for help, MPs say.

(20/01/2021 @ 08:27)

Brexit: 'My meat shipment is rotting in Rotterdam'

Brexit border hold-ups mean customers are starting to go elsewhere says UK meat exporters group.

(20/01/2021 @ 12:05)

'My car rolled six times after smart motorway crash'

Drivers share their experiences of smart motorways after a review found two deaths were avoidable.

(19/01/2021 @ 13:53)

First Dates: Channel 4 series will feel 'more like real life'

The latest daters are in unfamiliar surroundings as the Channel 4 series moves to a new restaurant.

(18/01/2021 @ 22:10)

COP26: Photographer to highlight climate change in exhibition

Wildlife photographer Brian Matthews hopes his subjects will be a hit at the COP26 conference.

(19/01/2021 @ 09:29)

Depop: 'I felt so violated when my account was hacked'

Hackers are selling Depop app account details on the dark web for as little as 77p each online.

(18/01/2021 @ 20:07)

The Hong Kong migrants fleeing to start new lives in the UK

A new visa will give 5.4m Hong Kong residents the right to resettle in Britain. How many will leave?

(18/01/2021 @ 20:15)

Hollyoaks suicide storyline 'saved my life'

John opens up to Hollyoaks actor on 5 Live Drive about how a storyline saved their life.

(20/01/2021 @ 20:46)

Disability: 'The abuse used to be verbal, now it's physical'

Attacked because of her disability, Andrea was left with a fractured skull and a perforated eardrum.

(20/01/2021 @ 10:54)

Paralysed ambulance call handler walks for 'NHS heroes'

An emergency call handler paralysed below the waist walks one mile to raise funds for the NHS.

(19/01/2021 @ 20:02)

Luke Grenfell-Shaw: Cycling around the world with cancer

Cancer patient Luke Grenfell-Shaw completes the first part of his round-the-world challenge.

(19/01/2021 @ 20:01)

Dinosaurs In Love: Tom Rosenthal and daughter's song made into book

Dinosaurs In Love went viral, musician Tom Rosenthal and his daughter Fenn were the ones behind it.

(15/01/2021 @ 20:05)

Covid-19: Mortician says deaths have taken a toll

Senior mortician Hannah Leahy says the level of Covid fatalities is taking its toll on staff the Royal London Hospital.

(19/01/2021 @ 16:20)

Newspaper headlines: 'New dawn for America' as Joe Biden takes over

Thursday's front pages are dominated by the inauguration of the 46th US president in Washington DC.

(20/01/2021 @ 19:14)

Storm Christoph: More than 2,000 homes in Manchester evacuated

More than 2,000 properties in Manchester are affected as police warn some occupants will have Covid.

(20/01/2021 @ 17:48)

Covid in Scotland: No more 'easy wins' for hospital staff

Medics at Glasgow's QEUH are seeing the effects of people delaying healthcare during lockdown.

(20/01/2021 @ 18:57)

DUP executive minister Edwin Poots reveals cancer diagnosis

The minister tells the Nolan Show there is a risk the disease could spread because of surgery delays.

(20/01/2021 @ 10:21)

Storm Christoph: Homes evacuated as storm batters Wales

Heavy rain is causing flooding and travel disruption, with a warning for ice also forecast.

(20/01/2021 @ 18:39)

Stapleford stabbing: Woman charged after death of 16-year-old boy

Joe Whitchurch, 16, died on 29 December after being stabbed on Boxing Day.

(20/01/2021 @ 14:24)

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Réforme Bac 2021
- BO spécial n° 6 du 31 juillet 2020: LLCER/ AMC - épreuves terminales du baccalauréat

- BO spécial n° 6 du 31 juillet 2020: LLCER/ AMC - évaluations communes en classe de  1ere si la spécialité est abandonnée

- BO spécial n° 6 du 31 juillet 2020: Evaluations communes LVA / LVB, cycle terminal, lycée général et technologique

 - BO n° 30 du 23 juillet 2020: AMC: programmes de la classe de 1ère et Tle

- BO n° 21 du 21 mai 2020: LLCER: programme limitatif de la classe de Tle

- BO Spécial n° 2 du 13 février 2020: Epreuve du "Grand oral"

- BO spécial n° 8 du 25 juillet 2019  LLCER- : programme de la classe de Tle. 

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- BO spécial n°1 du 22 janvier 2019.  LLCER : programme de la classe de 1ère

- BO spécial n°1 du 22 janvier 2019. LVA/LVB: programmes des classes de  2nde, 1ere, Tle

- E3C: banque nationale de sujets

- Eduscol: Ressources d'accompagnement  LLCER
(nov. 2019)

- Eduscol: Ressources pour l' ETLV

- Eduscol : série de  Sujets Zéro pour les nouvelles épreuves du Bac 2021.

- Vers le BAC 2021": outils et ressources pour la mise en œuvre; textes de référence; présentation de la réforme du baccalauréat." - Eduscol.

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