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news.gifNouvelles (rss) - BBC UK News

BBC News - UK

BBC News - UK

General election 2019: Labour vows Budget 'to end austerity' in first 100 days

John McDonnell will also set out plans for "democratic control" of nationalised water and energy.

(08/12/2019 @ 19:25)

General election 2019: Boris Johnson targets Labour Leave seats in final push

The PM will visit four Brexit-voting Labour-held seats, three days before the election.

(08/12/2019 @ 19:24)

General Election 2019: NHS boss - Parties 'ducked' big issues

Chris Hopson says election debate has "fallen short" with regard to long-term solutions for the NHS.

(08/12/2019 @ 20:29)

Manchester derby racist abuse claim: Man arrested

A man is arrested after United players said they were targeted in their match against Manchester City.

(08/12/2019 @ 10:53)

Rushden stabbing: Boy, 13, and man arrested over woman's death

The teenager and a man are being questioned on suspicion of murdering the 25-year-old woman.

(08/12/2019 @ 16:01)

Jacqueline Jossa wins I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

The former EastEnders star becomes the latest queen of the Jungle on the ITV reality show.

(08/12/2019 @ 19:55)

Woman shocked over details on 'revenge porn' site

Becky's discovery led thousands of other women to find their information had been posted.

(08/12/2019 @ 20:12)

Rainham church break-in: Thieves smash stained glass windows

The vicar said he discovered the thieves smashed one of the church's stained glass windows earlier.

(08/12/2019 @ 10:02)

Brentwood teenager's Christmas lights show thrills crowd

Ben Charles has created a light and sound extravaganza for the fifth Christmas running.

(08/12/2019 @ 11:49)

London Santa Run: Thousands of runners raise money for charity

The organisers hope the 10th London Santa Run could raise as much as £1m for charity.

(08/12/2019 @ 12:13)

What unites us: 10 reasons why we're not a divided nation

The issues, people and foods that win the backing of most British people.

(08/12/2019 @ 21:04)

Election 2019: Will there be checks between Great Britain and NI?

Boris Johnson has claimed only goods passing through on their way to the Irish Republic would be checked.

(08/12/2019 @ 08:11)

Quiz: Test your election 2019 knowledge in 14 questions

How closely have you been following the comings and goings in the run up to the general election?

(06/12/2019 @ 14:19)

General election 2019: Your questions on climate change and the environment

Your questions answered: The environment, wildlife and climate change.

(07/12/2019 @ 20:01)

General election 2019: Are political clubs still political?

The general election may be dominating the headlines but it's not troubling the political clubs of Arnold.

(07/12/2019 @ 20:18)

General election 2019: What to look out for on Brexit

Jessica Parker looks at some of the issues to watch for when checking what the parties are promising on Brexit.

(07/12/2019 @ 19:59)

General election 2019: How is a government formed?

A look at the rules for forming a government

(07/12/2019 @ 19:59)

Should children watch toy unboxing videos?

Millions of kids are watching toy unboxing videos in the run-up to Christmas. Should parents be concerned?

(08/12/2019 @ 20:07)

Billionaire John Caudwell goes head-to-head with Labour's John McDonnell

John Caudwell goes head-to-head with the shadow chancellor after he stated that nobody needs or deserves to be a billionaire.

(08/12/2019 @ 20:15)

Brian Cox: Why I've been exploring our scientific past

The science broadcaster explains why he's been delving into the lives of some extraordinary scientists.

(08/12/2019 @ 21:17)

Universal credit claimants 'struggling to cope'

Many people are out of pocket after a five-week wait for their first benefit payment, charities say.

(08/12/2019 @ 22:25)

The Tiger Who Came To Tea: Judith Kerr story heads to TV

The Tiger Who Came To Tea heads for the small screen, 50 years after Judith Kerr's book was written.

(07/12/2019 @ 20:00)

Star Wars: The Leicestershire factory at the centre of a toy galaxy

The team of British toy-makers who created a galaxy in plastic.

(07/12/2019 @ 20:18)

Southend photographer hopes Essex Girls project will 'challenge stereotype'

Photographer Mark Massey says the project is part of a dialogue over identity with his daughters.

(07/12/2019 @ 20:18)

How to have a more sustainable Christmas

From renting your tree, to sponsoring a turkey, a growing number of people are having a greener Christmas.

(06/12/2019 @ 18:38)

Peter Pan pantomime stars say it is 'hardest job in show business'

A children's TV star and a Strictly dancer will be putting in three performances a day.

(07/12/2019 @ 06:25)

Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz II: The Welsh artist selling paintings to boxers

A former boxer from Newport now sells his paintings to the likes of Tyson Fury and Andy Ruiz.

(06/12/2019 @ 20:30)

Thomas Cook: 'They told me the money was safe'

Many angry Thomas Cook customers are still awaiting refunds for the holidays that never happened.

(06/12/2019 @ 18:32)

Election battleground: Crewe & Nantwich

Two towns, one constituency. Traditionally, one votes Labour, the other Conservative but will Brexit change that?

(08/12/2019 @ 20:20)

Brandon Lewis: 'We are not going to have a border down the Irish sea'

Security minister Brandon Lewis says some checks on some goods leaving Great Britain and the UK will be required.

(08/12/2019 @ 07:57)

What happened this week?

Trump weighs in on the NHS, and the BBC invites Boris Johnson for a chat about trust.

(07/12/2019 @ 05:51)

This Matters: Is politics sexist?

They make up 51% of the population but what are the parties offering to women this election?

(06/12/2019 @ 21:15)

Morpurgo's Christmas (fire) cracker

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the yuletide offering from children's author, Sir Michael Morpurgo.

(07/12/2019 @ 20:17)

Firing arrows when you're deafblind

John Nicholl is deafblind and uses hands-on sign language to communicate when participating in blind archery.

(07/12/2019 @ 02:35)

Newspaper headlines: 'Labour Brexit betrayal' and 'NHS waits cover up'

Monday's papers lead with Boris Johnson's final appeal to voters and reports of problems in the NHS.

(08/12/2019 @ 20:01)

Scottish private sector output expands, says RBS survey

A regular RBS survey suggests there are "some positive signs" for firms, after output grows in November.

(08/12/2019 @ 20:42)

General Election 2019: Johnson insists no NI-GB goods checks after Brexit

The PM says a leaked Treasury document that says there will be customs checks is "wrong".

(08/12/2019 @ 11:48)

Mental health: North Wales A&E support scheme extended

A "life-changing" mental health service in hospitals is now being rolled out to GPs surgeries.

(08/12/2019 @ 20:47)

Whale carcass washes up on beach near Hunstanton

The 30ft (9m) mammal, believed to be a minke, was found dead near Hunstanton.

(08/12/2019 @ 12:45)

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