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news.gifNouvelles (rss) - BBC UK News

BBC News - UK

BBC News - UK

Brexit: Theresa May scraps £65 fee for EU citizens to stay in UK

The PM also rejects calls to delay Brexit and warns another referendum could harm "social cohesion".

(21/01/2019 @ 19:47)

Londonderry bombing: Residents allowed home after security alerts

Three security alerts in Londonderry - 48 hours after a bomb in the city - have ended, police say.

(21/01/2019 @ 22:11)

Disability hate crime: MPs back Katie Price over online abuse

MPs have backed demands led by model Katie Price for changes to the law.

(21/01/2019 @ 21:30)

Human trafficking: Victims 'stuck in limbo for years'

One boy, lured to the UK by a false promise of a football contract, waited three years for an outcome.

(21/01/2019 @ 20:12)

Charlotte Brown death: Speedboat killer 'left UK before trial'

The BBC has been told Jack Shepherd has been in Georgia since March.

(21/01/2019 @ 16:24)

Simon Mayo to launch classical station Scala Radio after leaving Radio 2

The former BBC Radio 2 host will lead the line-up on Scala Radio.

(21/01/2019 @ 14:57)

Domestic abuse: Non-physical and economic abuse included in law

Economic abuse will be included in legal definition and abusers stopped from cross-examining victims.

(21/01/2019 @ 13:28)

Health secretary to meet NHS bosses over hospital pigeon infection

Jeane Freeman will meet health bosses to discuss two deaths at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

(21/01/2019 @ 20:13)

Royal Navy nuclear submarine's near miss with ferry

A Stena ferry and the Navy submarine were in the Irish Sea when the "close quarters incident" happened.

(21/01/2019 @ 15:30)

Brexit: David Cameron warned by Donald Tusk over 'stupid referendum'

Donald Tusk tells a BBC documentary he told the ex-prime minister to "get real" before the referendum.

(21/01/2019 @ 14:22)

Baby dies after crash in Penge that killed mother

Luciano Newman was being pushed in his pram by Nicole Newman when they were hit by a car.

(21/01/2019 @ 11:25)

HMRC error hits early-filing taxpayers

The tax authorities have been forced to apologise for two mistakes - wrongly charging penalties and for denying it had made the mistake.

(21/01/2019 @ 12:48)

The teen Primark model with vitiligo

Kaiden Williams, 13, recently featured in a campaign for the clothes store and is inspiring others.

(21/01/2019 @ 20:07)

The secret to a good deal, according to the professionals

A car salesman, estate agent and divorce lawyer have some tips that might just help end May and Trump's stalemates.

(21/01/2019 @ 20:02)

How Bournemouth's 'streaming' nurses ease A&E pressure

A Bournemouth hospital is stationing a nurse at its A&E entrance to redirect non-emergency cases.

(21/01/2019 @ 14:19)

How do you apply for settled status after Brexit?

BBC reporter Helene Daouphars (who is French) looks at how to apply for settled status.

(21/01/2019 @ 13:43)

Gosport hospital deaths: 'My father's life was ended by someone else'

David Huntington told BBC Panorama of his anger over his father's death at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

(21/01/2019 @ 11:19)

Night shifts: The toll they can take on your life

As more of us work through the night, one man finds out how 30 years of shifts has affected his life.

(20/01/2019 @ 08:04)

Prince Philip crash was 'surreal' says injured woman

Emma Fairweather, who broke her wrist in the crash, describes the "terrifying" experience.

(21/01/2019 @ 10:53)

BBC News Channel

BBC coverage of latest developments

(18/12/2018 @ 03:04)

Church of England: Contactless collection payments trialled

Contactless payment technology is enabling churches in England to offer a digital collection plate.

(21/01/2019 @ 12:03)

Sniffer dog Scamp has '£25k bounty' put on his head

Scamp has "upset some very nasty people" in organised crime groups, according to his owner.

(21/01/2019 @ 09:37)

Newspaper headlines: 'Groundhog May' and resignation threats

The papers consider a familiar-sounding plan B for Brexit while ministers threaten to quit.

(21/01/2019 @ 20:42)

Why is Wales used as a unit of measurement?

From nuclear blasts to deforestation - why one corner of the UK offers a handy size comparison.

(21/01/2019 @ 21:37)

'I'm mixed-race, is Cambridge University right for me?'

Anoushka has been offered a place at Cambridge. But she's mixed race and worries she won't fit in. Should she accept the offer?

(21/01/2019 @ 21:40)

Brexit: What is Labour's customs union policy?

Labour wants a new customs arrangement with the EU, but how would it work?

(21/01/2019 @ 21:40)

The state of Scotland's housing market in four charts

Some buyers and renters find supply and demand issues are thwarting their dreams of a new place to live.

(21/01/2019 @ 20:31)

When your dad decides to do the same apprenticeship as you

Dominic Foster and his dad John are on the same apprenticeship at the same company.

(21/01/2019 @ 21:41)

Brexit: Your simple guide to the UK leaving the EU

Feeling a little lost about what's going on with Brexit? Here's our basic guide.

(21/01/2019 @ 18:24)

Sickle cell in the spotlight thanks to BBC show

Sickle cell carriers took to social media to praise the show's portrayal of the genetic disease.

(21/01/2019 @ 13:04)

Is it OK to take the pill every day without a break?

Women can avoid monthly bleeding if they run oral contraceptive pill packets back to back - but is it safe?

(21/01/2019 @ 16:22)

War on fatbergs: Can this 21st Century peril be blitzed?

Could specially cultivated bacteria be the answer to the UK's £100m fatberg problem?

(19/01/2019 @ 21:07)

The pain of Tourette's: 'I'm always covered in bruises'

Charity Tourettes Action has discovered that patients are facing long delays in diagnosis.

(19/01/2019 @ 22:08)

Why your name matters in the search for a job

Why jobseekers with ethnic names change personal details on their CVs.

(18/01/2019 @ 18:33)

Can pubs stand many more Dry Januarys?

The abstinence campaign may be good for our health but it has left pubs and brewers feeling nervous.

(18/01/2019 @ 18:00)

The woman with her head in the clouds

Lisa Wood is taking a picture of the sky almost every single day before she loses her eyesight.

(18/01/2019 @ 20:00)

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