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Shell secures five additional easements for ethane pipeline

Shell Pipeline has secured an additional five easements for its 94-mile ethane pipeline.

(26/05/2017 @ 19:00)

Army Corps: More warning buoys to be placed near Dashields Dam

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it will place seven additional buoys near the Dashield Locks and Dam.

(26/05/2017 @ 18:00)

Officials looking for missing 6-year-old in Baden

Officials are looking for a 6-year-old child who was reported missing Friday evening.

(26/05/2017 @ 18:00)

For Beaver County Special Unit, every day can be Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day when we remember those who served and died for our country. For the members of the Beaver County Special Unit, every day can be a memorial day because the group provides military honors at veterans'…

(26/05/2017 @ 17:00)

Heritage Valley hospitals given five-star ratings for knee replacement, defibrillator procedures

Healthgrades rated Heritage Valley Sewickley five stars for its total knee replacement program. Heritage Valley Beaver received five stars for defibrillator procedures.

(26/05/2017 @ 16:00)

Ohioville schedules hydrant flushing

OHIOVILLE -- The Ohioville Municipal Authority will flush hydrants from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays through June 16.

(26/05/2017 @ 13:15)

Lost peacock roaming southeastern Beaver County

A 2-year-old peacock escaped from a New Sewickley Township animal rescue earlier this month and has been spotted throughout the township, Economy and Conway.

(26/05/2017 @ 13:00)

Dollar General likely coming to Midland

A Dollar General store is likely coming to the site of the old Riviera Bowling alley in Midland.

(26/05/2017 @ 13:00)

DEP secretary speaks out against Trump's proposed budget

The secretary of the state Department of Environmental Protection is warning Pennsylvania's congressional delegates that President Donald Trump's proposed budget could have serious consequences for environmental protection.

(26/05/2017 @ 13:00)

Bridgewater tax office closed

BRIDGEWATER -- The Bridgewater tax office at 1445 Market St. will be closed for two weeks beginning Wednesday. It will reopen on June 13.

(26/05/2017 @ 13:00)

Heavy traffic expected over Memorial Day holiday

Officials expect more than 2.3 million vehicles on the Pennsylvania Turnpike over the Memorial Day weekend.

(26/05/2017 @ 04:00)

2017 Memorial Day services, parades

A schedule of events for Memorial Day weekend.

(26/05/2017 @ 04:00)

Beaver Falls awards certificates to drug diversion participants

The Beaver Falls drug diversion program, which started in December, allows people who overdose in public places to go through detox and rehabilitation and have criminal charges and court fees waived.

(25/05/2017 @ 19:00)

Beaver County overdose deaths still on the rise in 2017

Twenty-nine people in Beaver County have died from a drug overdose between January and March of this year, according to the coroner.

(25/05/2017 @ 19:00)

Gov. Wolf tours Versatex warehouse in Aliquippa Industrial Park

Gov. Tom Wolf toured a manufacturing warehouse in Aliquippa on Thursday afternoon, his first visit back to Beaver County since November when he toured the Shell Chemicals cracker plant site in Potter Township.

(25/05/2017 @ 17:00)

Blackhawk write-in candidate gains spot on November ballot

A Blackhawk School Board write-in candidate will replace an incumbent on the November ballot, certified election results show.

(25/05/2017 @ 16:30)

Ambridge man charged with leaving child to wander twice

An Ambridge man is facing a felony charge of child endangerment after a 3-year-old placed in his care was found wandering alone on two separate occasions, police said.

(25/05/2017 @ 16:30)

Family of missing kayaker pushes for better safety measures at Dashields dam

The family of a missing kayaker has started a petition urging federal officials to implement better safety measures at the Dashields Locks and Dam on the Ohio River.

(25/05/2017 @ 15:00)

Beaver County approves agreements with municipalities for police response teams

After more than a year of work, the paperwork is nearly in order between Beaver County and the municipal police departments whose officers make up the county's Antidrug Task Force and Emergency Services Unit.

(25/05/2017 @ 14:15)

Officials release video related to man's excessive-force lawsuit against Aliquippa police

New documents, including video surveillance footage, have been released to the public in relation to an excessive force lawsuit filed against the Aliquippa Police Department.

(25/05/2017 @ 12:30)

Shell secures another 1.5 miles of easements for ethane pipeline

Shell Pipeline continues to scoop up easements for its 94-mile Falcon Ethane Pipeline, most recently securing another 1.5 miles of linear space for the project.

(25/05/2017 @ 10:45)

Just five Beaver County communities see growth since 2010

As a whole, Beaver County's population has dropped by nearly 2 percent since 2010 to 167,429. That's a dip of 3,181 since 2010, according to the Census Bureau.

(25/05/2017 @ 04:00)

State auditor general turning attention to PennDOT

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale said Wednesday that his office will launch a sweeping audit of PennDOT, including its handling of personal driver information and whether it addressed problems identified in another audit four years ago.

(24/05/2017 @ 20:00)

Child missing in Monaca

MONACA -- Police were briefly searching for a missing child in the borough.

(24/05/2017 @ 18:02)

Reschenthaler's bill increasing penalties for threatening police passes Senate

State Sen. Guy Reschenthaler's bill increasing penalties for threatening law-enforcement officers and their relatives unanimously passed the Senate on Tuesday.

(24/05/2017 @ 18:00)

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Spécial : réforme du collège

- BO spécial n°11 du 26 novembre 2015: Programmes d'enseignement du cycle des apprentissages fondamentaux (cycle 2), du cycle de consolidation (cycle 3) et du cycle des approfondissements (cycle 4) à compter de la rentrée 2016

Annexe 1: Programme cycle 2
Annexe 2: Programme cycle 3
Annexe 3: Programme cycle 4

- Eduscol: Ressources d'accompagnement pour les langues vivantes aux cycles 2,3 et 4

- Questions / réponses sur la nouvelle organisation du collège sur éduscol

- DNB: Modalités d'attribution à compter de 2017. BO n° 3 du 21 janvier 2016 et BO n°14 du 8 avril 2016

- BO n° 17 du 23 avril 2015 (encart) Socle commun de connaissances, de compétence et de culture à compter de la rentrée 2016

-  Présentation sur le portail éduscol du nouveau socle commun pour 2016.

- Sur Eduscol: Ressources pour l'évaluation du socle commun en langues vivantes étrangères (avril 2017)

- Dossier "Stratégie Langues vivantes"' (janvier 2016)

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