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news.gifNouvelles (rss) - New York Times: Americas

NYT > Home Page

en-us Copyright 2019 The New York Times Company Tue, 19 Mar 2019 06:22:24 GMT NYT > Home Page A Mar-a-Lago Weekend and an Act of God: Trump’s History With Deutsche Bank The headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt. The bank has sought to distance itself from President Trump since his election in 2016. Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters Deutsche Bank’s hunger for profits and risk led it to lend Donald Trump more than $2 billion. Once he was elected president, employees were told not to utter his name.

A Mar-a-Lago Weekend and an Act of God: Trump’s History With Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank’s hunger for profits and risk led it to lend Donald Trump more than $2 billion. Once he was elected president, employees were told not to utter his name.

(18/03/2019 @ 19:28)

‘Be Weak & Die!’ Seeking Clues Behind Trump’s Weekend Twitter Barrage

The profusion of more than 50 tweets, which stoked new tensions and nursed past grievances, came as the president was largely idle and skipped his regular weekend trip to his Florida estate.

(18/03/2019 @ 20:56)

‘It’s Probably Over for Us’: Record Floods Bring New Toll When Farmers Can Least Afford It

Midwestern farmers were contending with freezing floodwaters and dead livestock, only the latest crisis in farm country. “There’s no harder business to be in,” one Nebraska man said.

(18/03/2019 @ 19:22)

Scenes From Record Flooding in Nebraska

Rain, warm temperatures and snowmelt across the Midwest have caused floods that led to hundreds of evacuations and at least two deaths.

(18/03/2019 @ 14:10)

Trump Plans to End the AIDS Epidemic. In Places Like Mississippi, Obstacles Are Everywhere.

The administration will focus on more than 50 “hot spots” in the U.S. that annually account for half of new H.I.V. infections. A clinic in the Deep South sees the challenges every day.

(18/03/2019 @ 16:01)

New Zealand Asks What It Could Have Done Differently as Portrait of Shooting Suspect Emerges

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern ordered an inquiry into what the government “could or should have known” about the suspect in the attack on two mosques in Christchurch.

(18/03/2019 @ 21:02)

ISIS Spokesman Ends Silence by Calling for Retaliation Over New Zealand Massacres

As his caliphate crumbles, the Islamic State spokesman, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, issued a 44-minute speech mocking America’s claim of victory.

(18/03/2019 @ 22:23)

Money Raised for ‘Egg Boy’ Will Be Donated to New Zealand Victims

Will Connolly shot to fame after smashing an egg on an Australian politician who had blamed Muslims for the massacre. A GoFundMe campaign has raised of thousands of dollars

(19/03/2019 @ 01:17)

Only 7 Black Students Got Into N.Y.’s Most Selective High School, Out of 895 Spots

The tiny number of black students offered admission to New York City’s elite public high schools adds pressure on officials to confront the challenge of integrating those schools.

(18/03/2019 @ 20:31)

Lobbying Case Against Democrat With Ties to Manafort Reaches Key Stage

The investigation of Gregory B. Craig, who served as White House counsel in the Obama administration, comes amid a growing crackdown by the Justice Department on illegal foreign lobbying.

(18/03/2019 @ 21:02)

New Zealand, Democratic Party, N.C.A.A.: Your Monday Evening Briefing

Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

(19/03/2019 @ 00:24)

New Zealand, Netherlands Shooting, the Prado: Your Tuesday Briefing

Let us help you start your day.

(19/03/2019 @ 00:55)

The Attack That Broke the Net’s Safety Net

A killer determined to make terrorism go viral beat a system designed to keep the worst of the web out of sight.

(18/03/2019 @ 20:16)

Who Do Jared and Ivanka Think They Are?

A new book probes the Kushner family’s secrets.

(18/03/2019 @ 22:20)

Cory Booker Finds His Moment

Do Democrats want the fist or the open hand?

(18/03/2019 @ 19:56)

Getting Real About Rural America

Nobody knows how to reverse the heartland’s decline.

(18/03/2019 @ 18:00)

The Anatomy of White Terror

Anders Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist, was diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder. Brenton Tarrant, who is accused of killing 50 worshipers in New Zealand, displays similar traits.

(18/03/2019 @ 14:11)

Wall Street’s Latest Love Affair With Risky Repackaged Debt

Investors in collateralized loan obligations are ignoring the signs of danger.

(18/03/2019 @ 20:22)

Shedding Any Last Illusions About the Saudis

Like a despot, the crown prince has a team of killers and kidnappers.

(18/03/2019 @ 21:16)

The Stone: Confronting Philosophy’s Anti-Semitism

Should we continue to teach thinkers like Kant, Voltaire and Hume without mention of the harmful prejudices they helped legitimize?

(18/03/2019 @ 06:00)

The March of White Supremacy, From Oklahoma City to Christchurch

As we struggle against the forces behind decades of violence, we must remember that we aren’t fighting with strangers.

(18/03/2019 @ 14:54)

Legislators Are Not Stupid People. So What’s Behind Their Stupid Behavior?

Following the Koch playbook, Tennessee keeps finding new ways to undermine the welfare of its citizens.

(18/03/2019 @ 12:45)

The Cruel Irony of ‘Free’ College Promises

Forget admissions bribery. For poorer families, even “free public college” isn’t free if only tuition costs are covered.

(18/03/2019 @ 20:27)

Americans Are Divided by Their Views on Race, Not Race Itself

It’s a crucial difference — and grounds for optimism.

(18/03/2019 @ 06:20)

How Big Tobacco Hooked Children on Sugary Drinks

Researchers combing through archives discovered that cigarette makers had applied their marketing wizardry to sweetened beverages and turned generations of children into loyal customers.

(15/03/2019 @ 10:25)

Andy Cohen Is Tired of Being ‘Dad Shamed’ by ‘Momsplainers’

The Bravo host, who became a father last month, has received lots of unsolicited advice about his newborn. Welcome to parenthood!

(16/03/2019 @ 11:19)

Metropolitan Diary: ‘In the Twitching Subway Light, a Band Swung Into Our Car’

A dance on the No. 1, a delicious snack on York Avenue and more reader tales of New York City in this week’s Metropolitan Diary.

(18/03/2019 @ 03:00)

Boeing’s C.E.O. Speaks: ‘Our Hearts Are Heavy’

The chief executive, Dennis A. Muilenburg, broke his silence more than a week after the second 737 Max jet crash in recent months.

(18/03/2019 @ 23:06)

Daily Low-Dose Aspirin No Longer Recommended by Doctors, if You’re Healthy

New guidelines suggest the risk of bleeding outweighs the heart benefits among healthy adults who take low-dose aspirin.

(18/03/2019 @ 16:51)

Elizabeth Warren Calls for Ending Electoral College

The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, campaigning in Mississippi, also called for the state to adopt a new flag that no longer has the Confederate battle flag emblem.

(18/03/2019 @ 22:52)

Canada’s Top Public Servant Is Fourth Official to Resign in Political Scandal

The public servant, Michael Wernick, was accused of improperly pressing the former attorney general to settle a corruption case.

(18/03/2019 @ 21:54)

San Francisco Mayor and Civic Groups Call for Punishment of Giants C.E.O.

The mayor, London N. Breed, backed a call by civic groups for “firm and appropriate action” to be taken against Larry Baer for a public altercation with his wife.

(18/03/2019 @ 19:44)

A Forgotten Italian Port Could Become a Chinese Gateway to Europe

Despite American objections, Italy is set to become the first Group of 7 nation to participate in Beijing’s vast One Belt, One Road infrastructure project.

(19/03/2019 @ 00:03)

Brazen Shooting Traumatizes Dutch City, Three Days After Christchurch Killings

Dutch authorities were looking into multiple possible motives for the shooting, which wounded five people.

(18/03/2019 @ 19:25)

Large City in Mozambique Nearly Wiped Out as Cyclone Leaves Vast Destruction

The cyclone, called Idai, has affected more than 1.5 million people, with a death toll now in the dozens but feared to be far higher.

(18/03/2019 @ 18:25)

Hope, an Orangutan, Was Shot 74 Times. She Was Blinded but Survived.

Rescuers found the animal and her malnourished baby on an oil palm plantation in Indonesia. She survived, but her baby did not.

(19/03/2019 @ 00:31)

How to Turn a Rejection Into an Advantage

Not getting something you’ve always wanted is a chance to try out something new.

(18/03/2019 @ 09:16)

Crowdwise: 32 Tips for Surviving (and Parenting) Crying Babies on Planes

Flying with an unhappy child can make everyone miserable — the parents, other passengers, the child — but what can you do? Here are some of your best tips to help.

(18/03/2019 @ 15:38)

Your Top Rival Can Be Your Biggest Ally

Friendly competition can expand the “win” pie and enhance your performance.

(18/03/2019 @ 11:07)

How to Accept a Compliment — Even if It’s From Yourself

Acknowledging small wins, even if they barely chip away at our larger goals, can still boost our mood and motivation.

(04/12/2018 @ 15:54)

When Extremes Attract: Dance and Horror’s New Pas de Deux

Gaspar Noé’s “Climax” is the latest movie to push the ecstatic, frightening qualities of dance into horror. A body holds plenty of space for terror.

(17/03/2019 @ 11:40)

Fiction: A Road-Paving Job Takes On a Sinister Allure in Dave Eggers’s New Novel

The author’s eighth novel, “The Parade,” is a parable-like story featuring two unnamed men on assignment in an unnamed country in the wake of a civil war.

(18/03/2019 @ 13:31)

Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes: What to Read, Watch and Listen To

Alex Gibney’s new HBO documentary “The Inventor” is only the latest retelling of the Silicon Valley fraud that captivated the public imagination.

(18/03/2019 @ 17:33)

Johnny Thompson, a Magician’s Magician, Is Dead at 84

As the Great Tomsoni, he made audiences laugh and gasp. As a consultant, he showed other magicians how to get the most out of a trick.

(18/03/2019 @ 14:11)

Screenland: A Dating Show Made for the Age of Apps

Netflix’s “Dating Around” mimics the low-stakes horror of Tinder and the rest.

(14/03/2019 @ 05:00)

The New Old Age: Older Americans Are Awash in Antibiotics

The drugs are not just overprescribed. They often pose special risks to older patients, including tendon problems, nerve damage and mental health issues.

(16/03/2019 @ 15:11)

The New Health Care: When Email Comes to the Doctor’s Office, Wait Times Decrease

The growing use of electronic consultations can save time, expense and headaches.

(18/03/2019 @ 04:29)

UPDATE: With Measles Outbreaks on the Rise, a Concern Over the Connection to Air Travel

A record 81 U.S. flights were investigated in 2018 for carrying at least one person contagious with the disease, which has had a large number of outbreaks this year.

(14/03/2019 @ 18:10)

The Checkup: Using an Asthma Inhaler Correctly

A new study suggests that many patients aren’t waiting between puffs on their inhalers and may not be deriving the full benefits of the drugs.

(18/03/2019 @ 04:50)

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