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en-us Copyright 2017 The New York Times Company Sat, 27 May 2017 20:51:08 GMT NYT > Home Page Trump Returns to Crisis Over Kushner as White House Tries to Contain It President Trump with his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, at the White House in March. Stephen Crowley/The New York Times President Trump headed home Saturday to face reports that his son-in-law is under scrutiny in inquiries into possible ties between Russia and associates of Mr. Trump.

Trump Returns to Crisis Over Kushner as White House Tries to Contain It

President Trump headed home Saturday to face reports that his son-in-law is under scrutiny in inquiries into possible ties between Russia and associates of Mr. Trump.

(27/05/2017 @ 13:41)

Kushner Is Said to Have Discussed a Secret Channel to Talk to Russia

A back channel between Jared Kushner, a White House adviser, and Moscow was proposed to discuss Syria, but never pursued, in the weeks before Donald J. Trump’s inauguration.

(26/05/2017 @ 22:57)

How Michael Flynn May Have Run Afoul of the Law

Mr. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, faces potential legal problems over money he made from foreign entities and what he has told investigators.

(25/05/2017 @ 20:10)

Trump Ends Trip Where He Started: At Odds With Allies and Grilled on Russia

Despite intense lobbying by world leaders, Mr. Trump did not endorse the Paris climate accords on the last day of his trip abroad.

(27/05/2017 @ 15:27)

Mild in Mideast, Trump Is All Elbows in a Europe Eager to Jab Back

The president played the statesman in the Middle East, but has switched to a familiar role, disrupter, as he joins the Group of 7 meeting, getting headlines like “Boor in Chief.”

(26/05/2017 @ 21:14)

U.S. Quietly Lifts Limit on Number of Refugees Allowed In

Despite President Trump’s efforts to curtail resettlement, the State Department’s move could result in a near doubling of refugees entering the country.

(26/05/2017 @ 20:36)

With a Presidential Boost, the P.G.A. Comes to Trump National

The event, the Senior P.G.A. Championship, illustrates the pitfalls associated with a president unwilling to make a clean break with his commercial empire.

(26/05/2017 @ 15:10)

Rebuked Twice by Supreme Court, North Carolina Republicans Are Unabashed

Legislators seek to create state and local courts more aligned to their views — and to pay back Democrats for similar acts when they were in power.

(27/05/2017 @ 13:37)

Liberals Wanted a Fight in Montana. Democratic Leaders Saw a Lost Cause.

Tension between party leaders who will not compete for unlikely seats and an energized base loath to concede anything to Republicans risks demoralizing activists.

(26/05/2017 @ 16:37)

Your Daily Mini Crossword

Solve a bite-size crossword in just a few minutes.

(14/03/2017 @ 18:01)

Loophole in Rules on Transgender Troops Denies 2 Their Commissions

Two service academy cadets will not become officers because of a wrinkle in the Pentagon’s transgender policy its chief author says he didn’t foresee.

(27/05/2017 @ 11:27)

Inside ‘Fusterlandia’: Cuba’s Kaleidoscopic Neighborhood

Decades ago, José Fuster set out to transform a Havana fishing neighborhood into a work of art. Despite Cuba’s political and economic turmoil, his work now spans from residents’ homes to a giant chess park. Step inside in 360 degrees.

(27/05/2017 @ 05:00)

What to Cook, Watch, Listen To and More This Weekend

Tips to make the most of your weekend.

(26/05/2017 @ 15:51)

Gregg Allman, Influential Force Behind the Allman Brothers Band, Dies at 69

The singer, keyboardist and songwriter was a founder of the Allman Brothers Band and a composer of songs like “Whipping Post” and “Midnight Rider.”

(27/05/2017 @ 16:02)

‘Forgive Me’: Manchester Bomber’s Tangled Path of Conflict and Rebellion

The life of Salman Abedi, the bomber whose attack killed 22 people in Manchester this past week, was interwoven with the tortured recent past of Libya.

(27/05/2017 @ 12:01)

Why Spend $110 Million on a Basquiat? ‘I Decided to Go for It,’ Japanese Billionaire Explains

About 7,000 miles away, in New Jersey, the artist’s sister summed up her family’s response: “We were speechless.”

(26/05/2017 @ 17:25)

Jim Bunning, Hall of Fame Pitcher and Blunt-Spoken Senator, Dies at 85

After a 17-season career in the major leagues, mostly with the Tigers and the Phillies, Mr. Bunning became a fervently conservative politician in Kentucky.

(27/05/2017 @ 14:49)

System Failure at British Airways Shuts Down Flights Out of London

The airline canceled flights from Heathrow and Gatwick airports in London on Saturday after what it said was a “major I.T. failure” caused a global system shutdown.

(27/05/2017 @ 14:42)

Senator John Kennedy (No, Not That One) Embraces Anonymity

The freshman Republican from Louisiana has a famous name and a low-key approach — except for the occasional comedic swing.

(26/05/2017 @ 10:15)

Summer Pages: Books to Breeze Through This Summer

Janet Maslin’s roundup of 16 books to read this summer includes a stunner of a cop novel, a satire of the wealthy, sidesplitting essays and a classical mystery for fans of Agatha Christie.

(25/05/2017 @ 17:34)

Summer Pages: Summer Reading Recommendations, From 6 Novelists Who Own Bookstores

Here’s what Emma Straub, Ann Patchett, Jonathan Lethem, Louise Erdrich, Judy Blume and Jeff Kinney are reading and recommending to bookstore customers.

(25/05/2017 @ 17:57)

‘How Can We Combat What We Don’t Understand?’

Our Top 10 Comments of the Week: Readers debate the Manchester bombing, planning your own wake and the first female infantrymen in the United States.

(27/05/2017 @ 05:00)

Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Adviser to Jimmy Carter, Dies at 89

Mr. Brzezinski, who guided Mr. Carter during the Iran hostage crisis and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, had decades of influence in global affairs.

(26/05/2017 @ 22:23)

Russian Once Tied to Trump Aide Seeks Immunity to Cooperate With Congress

Oleg V. Deripaska’s offer comes amid increased attention to his ties to Paul Manafort, who is one of several Trump associates under F.B.I. scrutiny.

(26/05/2017 @ 19:40)

Palestinian Prisoners End Hunger Strike in Israel After 40 Days

A leader of the strikers confirmed the end of the hunger strike, timed to coincide with the beginning of Ramadan, the holy Muslim month of fasting.

(27/05/2017 @ 06:09)

Taliban Car Bomb Targeting Elite Afghan Force Kills at Least 12

Some officials put the death toll as high as 18 after the explosion in a crowded bazaar.

(27/05/2017 @ 04:58)

China Moves to Stabilize Currency, Despite Promise to Loosen Control

Beijing may make the renminbi less responsive to market moves, which could stem a flight of money out of the country but undermine earlier promises.

(26/05/2017 @ 20:29)

Encounters: Two Etiquette Experts Take On New York

The author of “Adulting” and Emily Post’s great-great-granddaughter discuss manners at a museum, on the subway, at a co-working space and at a restaurant.

(27/05/2017 @ 06:00)

Journalist’s Footage Shows Iraqi Forces Torturing Civilians, ABC Report Says

Video taken by Ali Arkady and shared with the news network appears to show uniformed Iraqi soldiers beating Iraqi civilians.

(26/05/2017 @ 12:16)

U.N. Offers Regret but No Compensation for Kosovo Poisoning Victims

Roma families had sought compensation for deaths and disabilities caused by living for years in toxic refugee camps.

(26/05/2017 @ 19:49)

Two Killed in Portland After Trying to Stop Anti-Muslim Rant, Police Say

The men were fatally stabbed after they tried to stop a man who was yelling at two women who appeared Muslim, the police said.

(27/05/2017 @ 01:09)

Air Force Investigating Possible Mishandling of John Glenn’s Remains

Officials opened the inquiry after allegations that a mortuary employee at Dover Air Force Base had offered to show the remains to inspectors.

(26/05/2017 @ 23:27)

Critic's Notebook: Melania Trump on Display, Dressed in Ambivalence and Armor

Nine days, five countries, and more than a dozen outfits: the first lady makes a statement abroad.

(26/05/2017 @ 15:19)

Atlantic Hurricane Season Is Expected to Be Busy

The season, which runs from June 1 through Nov. 30, is likely to produce 11 to 17 named storms, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says.

(25/05/2017 @ 16:18)

For Many, ‘Bloom County’ Creator’s Trump Joke Doesn’t Land

Berkeley Breathed, the creator of the comic strip, shared a (fake) letter telling him to stop using Mr. Trump’s image.

(26/05/2017 @ 16:56)

A Speedy Refresher Course for Your Summer TV Favorites

Catch Up on “House of Cards,” “Game of Thrones,” “Orange Is the New Black,” “Younger” and “Queen Sugar.”

(25/05/2017 @ 08:00)

Stuck in Memorial Day Traffic? Here Are 15 Podcasts to Distract You

Recommendations for shows to help pacify even the most pernicious strains of road rage over the holiday.

(26/05/2017 @ 08:03)

5 Summer Movies to Put on Your List

If you brush up on these five films, you’ll have a jump-start on the season in multiplexes.

(05/05/2017 @ 11:38)

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