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en-us Copyright 2018 The New York Times Company Thu, 26 Apr 2018 15:26:58 GMT NYT > Home Page Ronny Jackson, Golden State Killer, Bill Cosby: Your Thursday Briefing The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, opening today in Montgomery, Ala., remembers the thousands of victims of lynchings. It was inspired by the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin and the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg. Audra Melton for The New York Times Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Ronny Jackson, Golden State Killer, Bill Cosby: Your Thursday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

(26/04/2018 @ 08:56)

New York Today: New York Today: Catching Up on the Courts

Thursday: Local trials to watch, idyllic spring weather, and a new side to Prospect Park.

(26/04/2018 @ 09:49)

California Today: California Today: After Three Decades, Finally, an Arrest

Thursday: The authorities say they’ve caught the Golden State Killer, a judge rules in favor of DACA, and an “experience” that pays homage to avocados.

(26/04/2018 @ 08:57)

(26/04/2018 @ 00:00)

White House Withdraws Jackson Nomination for V.A. Chief Amid Criticism

Accusations leveled against Dr. Ronny L. Jackson’s time leading the White House medical staff led lawmakers to have concerns over his nomination.

(26/04/2018 @ 10:51)

Live Briefing: Scott Pruitt, Under an Ethics Cloud, Faces Lawmakers

We’re providing live video, updates and analysis as Mr. Pruitt faces two congressional panels.

(26/04/2018 @ 11:26)

Trump Says Cohen’s Legal Troubles Do Not Involve Him

In an interview on “Fox & Friends,” the president said that the investigation of his lawyer, Michael Cohen, was about Mr. Cohen’s personal business dealings.

(26/04/2018 @ 10:29)

Key Justices Seem Skeptical of Challenge to Trump’s Travel Ban

By the end of the argument, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority seemed ready to defer to the president’s national security judgments and discount his campaign promises to impose a “Muslim ban.”

(25/04/2018 @ 19:40)

News Analysis: Courts Give Trump a Possible Path Through a Legal Minefield on Immigration

Developments on the president’s travel ban and efforts to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program signal that he could find a new way to counter the legal resistance to his crackdown.

(25/04/2018 @ 21:00)

For Thousands of ‘Dreamers,’ It Has Been a Wild Ride. And It’s Not Over Yet.

The young undocumented immigrants have seen their hopes alternately elevated and dashed, sometimes in a single week.

(26/04/2018 @ 07:14)

Ex-Cop Arrested in Golden State Killer Case: ‘We Found the Needle in the Haystack’

Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, is the suspect in the case of a serial killer and rapist who terrorized communities in California in the 1970s and 1980s.

(26/04/2018 @ 08:22)

Suspect Arrested in Golden State Killer Case

James Joseph DeAngelo, 72, was arrested at his home in Citrus Heights, Calif. The so-called Golden State Killer is thought to have killed 12 people, raped at least 45 people and burglarized more than 120 homes in the 1970s and ’80s.

(25/04/2018 @ 20:29)

Michelle McNamara Died Pursuing the Golden State Killer. Her Husband, Patton Oswalt, Has Questions for Him.

The author devoted years to identifying the Golden State Killer, but she didn’t live to see the arrest of a suspect, or her book about the cold case published.

(25/04/2018 @ 22:12)

Inside the Confidential N.F.L. Meeting to Discuss National Anthem Protests

“Let’s make sure that we keep this confidential,” Roger Goodell said to begin the session. The New York Times obtained an audio recording of the meeting.

(25/04/2018 @ 18:02)

‘Divisive’ and ‘Disastrous’: The Most Biting Comments N.F.L. Owners Made About Trump

— Patriots owner Robert Kraft​

(25/04/2018 @ 12:24)

Behind a Roadside Hit in Malaysia, Israeli-Palestinian Intrigue

An engineer is the latest Hamas figure to be targeted abroad by Israel’s Mossad spy agency, officials say, as another conspiracy plays out in Kuala Lumpur.

(25/04/2018 @ 22:32)

Fed Officials Worry the Economy Is Too Good. Workers Still Feel Left Behind.

Many Americans are just beginning to climb out of the Great Recession, yet policymakers are debating whether the economy is on the cusp of overheating.

(26/04/2018 @ 05:00)

The Era of Very Low Inflation and Interest Rates May Be Near an End

Moves in global bond markets over the last few months suggest changing expectations about prices.

(26/04/2018 @ 05:00)

We Are Republican Teachers Striking in Arizona. It’s Time to Raise Taxes.

We’re angry: Our classrooms are falling apart. We work multiple jobs. Our party must stop its war on public education.

(26/04/2018 @ 01:48)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Meet the New Boss. Actually Quite Different From the Old Boss.

President Trump has overturned the Republican establishment, but at what cost?

(26/04/2018 @ 10:29)

Op-Ed Columnist: Bush 41, Trump, and American Decline

The two Republican presidents are a study in contrasts, each with a profound effect on our country.

(26/04/2018 @ 10:34)

Op-Ed Columnist: A New Mitt or the Same Old Weenie?

The world’s excited to know Mitt Romney’s still around.

(25/04/2018 @ 20:37)

Editorial: Trump’s ‘Best People’ Are the Worst

What a cast of characters this White House has managed to recruit.

(26/04/2018 @ 09:35)

Op-Ed Columnist: Why Does Trump Treat Immigrant Kids Cruelly? Because He Can

The administration is fine with taking children away from their parents.

(25/04/2018 @ 21:39)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Supreme Court and the New Civil War

The battle between the White House and blue states raises questions about the limits of federal authority.

(26/04/2018 @ 05:45)

Op-Ed Contributor: North Korea’s Phony Peace Ploy

If the past is any guide, Pyongyang will offer Seoul unenforceable verbiage at this week’s summit meeting.

(25/04/2018 @ 14:45)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Who Will Win the New Great Game?

The West is not in a new Cold War. It’s an old-fashioned fight with China and Russia for power and influence.

(26/04/2018 @ 00:50)

Trump and Kanye West Share Praise-Filled Tweets. And, Apparently, ‘Dragon Energy.’

The president and the rapper share a history of unpredictable behavior — and a delight in dividing the public.

(25/04/2018 @ 19:34)

Prosecutor of Patz’s Killer Takes Over Weinstein Inquiry

District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. has tapped one of his top prosecutors, Joan Illuzzi, to oversee sex-crime allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

(26/04/2018 @ 09:44)

Walmart, With Billions to Spend, Seeks Flipkart E-Commerce Site in India

The company is said to be in talks to acquire Flipkart, India’s leading online retailer, to counter Amazon’s push into the country.

(26/04/2018 @ 09:18)

Federal Agencies Lost Track of Nearly 1,500 Migrant Children Placed With Sponsors

The Administration for Children and Families learned of the missing children only after calling people who took responsibility for the youths when they were released from government custody.

(26/04/2018 @ 08:09)

Deutsche Bank Abandons Wall Street Ambitions, and Focuses on Europe

The plan by a new chief executive means that the bank is giving up its efforts to compete on equal terms with Wall Street behemoths.

(26/04/2018 @ 06:04)

How Fake Mark Zuckerbergs Scam Facebook Users Out of Their Cash

The Facebook chief executive has vowed to clean up the social network, but his company has failed to stop even those impersonating him from swindling people.

(25/04/2018 @ 18:49)

Merkel Is Next to Visit Trump, Skipping the Bonhomie

In contrast to the pomp lavished on the French president, the German chancellor will be given a working lunch and is expected to be all business.

(26/04/2018 @ 10:22)

Howard University Stares Down Challenges, and Hard Questions on Black Colleges

Students and faculty members grapple with campus turmoil and the university’s public image as a barometer for black colleges nationwide.

(26/04/2018 @ 09:38)

The Korean War in Pictures

Three years of fighting ended when North Korea, China and the United States reached an armistice in 1953. But no formal peace treaty was ever brokered.

(25/04/2018 @ 23:00)

Overlooked No More: Maria Bochkareva, Who Led Women Into Battle in WWI

“My heart yearned to be there, in the boiling caldron of war, to be baptized in its fire and scorched in its lava,” Bochkareva wrote in her 1919 autobiography.

(26/04/2018 @ 09:40)

The Shift: Workers of Silicon Valley, It’s Time to Organize

Employees in the tech industry have an unusual power: They can make their companies act more responsibly. All they have to do is speak up.

(25/04/2018 @ 05:00)

36 Hours: 36 Hours in Copenhagen

In the design-savvy, food-obsessed Danish capital, the only problem for travelers is keeping up with all that is new.

(26/04/2018 @ 11:02)

5 Cheap(ish) Things You Need for Summer Travel Season

Time to hit the road!

(26/04/2018 @ 02:40)

Tech We’re Using: Following the Trail of Online Ads, Wherever It Leads

Sapna Maheshwari, who covers advertising for The Times, discusses how she tracks the online ads that track us.

(18/04/2018 @ 23:35)

Need More Space? Deciding to Fix Up or Trade Up

How four families who outgrew their homes made the decision to stay put and make do, or move out and trade up.

(20/04/2018 @ 05:02)

Tech Tip: Locking Up Your Lock Screen

If your Windows 10 lock screen changes daily or slows you down in getting to your desktop, you can change its behavior.

(18/04/2018 @ 09:00)

The Sweet Spot: My Husband Got Secret Credit Cards and Maxed Them Out

What to do when your partner ruins their credit — and credibility. Here’s how to fix financial infidelity.

(18/04/2018 @ 09:34)

‘Karate Kid’ Revisited: This Rivalry Is Not Quite Ready for a Body Bag

The 10-episode series “Cobra Kai,” debuting May 2 on YouTube Red, picks up the “Karate Kid” story more than three decades later. The grudges remain.

(26/04/2018 @ 06:47)

Books of The Times: A True-Crime Mystery From the 1950s, Fueled by Racism and Corruption

Gilbert King’s “Beneath a Ruthless Sun” recounts the tangled case that ensued after the wife of a Florida citrus baron said she was raped.

(25/04/2018 @ 13:03)

Album Review: On ‘KOD,’ J. Cole Speaks to the Generation That Spurned Him

The rapper wrestles with various kinds of temptation on his new album, but the larger issue he addresses is how a new wave of renegade stars view his work.

(25/04/2018 @ 12:19)

Best of Late Night: Stephen Colbert Takes On Ronny Jackson Controversy

Late-night hosts discussed the most recent accusations against the Trump administration’s pick to lead the Veterans Affairs Department.

(26/04/2018 @ 06:20)

Nonfiction: How Does Empathy Work? A Writer Explores the Science and Its Applications

In “I Feel You,” Cris Beam examines how we come to feel one another’s pain.

(24/04/2018 @ 15:00)

‘Desperation Oncology’: When Patients Are Dying, Some Cancer Doctors Turn to Immunotherapy

The drugs don’t work against every cancer — but on rare occasions, they work miracles.

(26/04/2018 @ 05:00)

Trilobites: A Massacre Frozen in Time: Skeletons in Sweden Reveal Ancient Attack

An archaeological dig of a fifth-century village offers a glimpse of the violent chaos across Europe as the Roman Empire fell.

(26/04/2018 @ 06:10)

A Lifesaving Pump for Cancer Patients Is Being Phased Out

A small, implantable device made by a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary has been discontinued, with no replacement in sight.

(25/04/2018 @ 17:34)

Tech We’re Using: How a News Junkie Stays Plugged In: Newsletters and Her Kids

Rebecca Blumenstein, a deputy managing editor of The Times, shared the biggest developments that are coming and how her children use apps.

(25/04/2018 @ 11:27)

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