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news.gifNouvelles (rss) - Caribbean News Headlines

Caribbean News Now! Daily Headlines

A summary of our daily news headlines of events happening in or relevant to the Caribbean region

Hurricane Irma turns westward with 120-mph winds

MIAMI, USA -- Hurricane Irma maintained its category 3 status on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale on Friday and is forecast to remain a powerful hurricane for days, as it turned westwards as expected. According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami...

(02/09/2017 @ 00:00)

US Coast Guard sets Port Condition Four for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Effective 1 pm on Thursday, the US Coast Guard Captain of the Port San Juan set Port Condition Four for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The maritime community was strongly urged to remain vigilant and take the necessary precautions, as tropical cyclone Irma...

(02/09/2017 @ 00:00)

Public trust in justice further eroded with arrest of former Trinidad and Tobago attorney general

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad -- It's not unusual for politicians to steal the spotlight from one another, but residents of Trinidad and Tobago probably didn't expect it to happen quite so fast. On August 29, former attorney general Anand Ramlogan was arrested on charges of perverting the course of justice and...

(02/09/2017 @ 00:00)

New senator, new education minister in Grenada cabinet reshuffle

ST GEORGE'S, Grenada (GIS) -- Senator Simon Stiell has been promoted to a full government minister in Grenada as part of a minor cabinet reshuffle announced on Wednesday. Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell said Stiell is being elevated to the minister of education from his original posting as...

(02/09/2017 @ 00:00)

US federal judge orders former president's extradition to Panama

MIAMI, USA -- A US magistrate judge in Miami has entered a final order on the government's motion for a certificate to extradite former president Ricardo Martinelli to Panama. In a 93-page opinion, the court found: (1) Valid extradition treaties exist between the United States and Panama; (2) The alleged...

(02/09/2017 @ 00:00)

Calypsonian Kelly 'won outright' in Grenada contest, says mentor

TORONTO, Canada – Rootsman Kelly was the definite winner of Grenada’s 2017 Calypso Monarch competition, according to his mentor King Ajamu. “He won and I think he won outright,” Ajamu said in an exclusive interview in Toronto. Ajamu is Grenada’s most decorated calypsonian. The performer, who...

(02/09/2017 @ 00:00)

Antigua-Barbuda student selected as education grant recipient at UWI

ST JOHN’S, Antigua -- Mill Reef Fund board chair James Lewis has announced that the University of the West Indies (UWI) has selected Charrelle Browne, an incoming third year student to Cave Hill, Barbados, to receive a Mill Reef Fund Education Grant for this school year. Lewis said, “We congratulate...

(02/09/2017 @ 00:00)

EarthTalk: Was Hurricane Harvey caused by global warming?

The short answer is no. No single hurricane or weather event can be directly linked to the general phenomena known as climate change. “Climate change does not cause things, because climate change is not a causal agent,” David Roberts wrote on “‘Climate change’ is a descriptive term...

(02/09/2017 @ 00:00)

Commentary: The View from Europe: Is Mexico about to deepen its regional relations?

As the year proceeds, Mexico, the world’s 13th largest economy, is expected to rebalance its international trade relationships. It is likely to do so irrespective of the outcome of meetings underway with Canada and the US on the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), or President Trump’s...

(02/09/2017 @ 00:00)

Commentary: A proposed road map for the government in the Great North of Haiti

The Great North of Haiti that includes the North, the North East and the North West has been the theater of most of the battles two centuries ago leading to the liberation of the slaves of St Domingue, creating Haiti, the first black republic and facilitating the end of slavery in the world. I am proposing...

(02/09/2017 @ 00:00)

Commentary: Guatemala political corruption: Impunity starched out by reform

As thousands of protesters marched through the streets of Guatemala City on March 7, 2017, Estuardo Batz was expressing his indignation over the broken promises of the new administration. Batz, a leader of the diverse, unified group of dissenters, called for the resignation of President Jimmy...

(02/09/2017 @ 00:00)

Letter: Let the flowers bloom

A commentator on a radio talk show in Trinidad and Tobago agreed that it is necessary that we diversify our economy. However, he does not see a fundamental role for the government or the need for centres of excellence, which concentrate on the development of a few technologies...

(02/09/2017 @ 00:00)

Letter: Government lacks capacity to negotiate effectively with China on development projects

The memorandum of understanding between the government of Jamaica (GoJ) and China Construction South American Division (CCASA), dated March 9, 2017, sets out the general framework for the development of Centre of Government at National Heroes Park but is structured in such a way that will not...

(02/09/2017 @ 00:00)

Irma becomes a category three hurricane

MIAMI, USA -- Tropical cyclone Irma strengthened to hurricane force early Thursday morning as the system continued to head towards the Caribbean. According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, at 5:00 pm EDT the centre of Hurricane Irma was located about 720 miles...

(01/09/2017 @ 00:00)

More flaws apparent in US State Department report

WASHINGTON, USA -- More flaws have become apparent in the 2017 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) published in March by the Department of State, Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs. The veracity of the report has already been attacked by...

(01/09/2017 @ 00:00)

LIAT requests funds from Antigua-Barbuda to pay CDB debt

ST JOHN’S, Antigua -- The government of Antigua and Barbuda has been asked to pay LIAT additional funds to meet its debt to the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). The money requested is commensurate with the country’s shareholding, local media reported. Antigua and Barbuda owns a 34 percent...

(01/09/2017 @ 00:00)

Jamaica tourism earns US$2 billion

KINGSTON, Jamaica -- Jamaica’s minister of tourism, Edmund Bartlett, has disclosed that the country earned a record US$2 billion during the first eight months of this calendar year from 2.8 million visitors. The figure represents an increase of 8.3 percent in gross foreign exchange earnings than the...

(01/09/2017 @ 00:00)

Relationships: We must remind ourselves to focus on the good... be thankful!

With the holidays just around the corner, the common message spoken this time of year is thankfulness. So what are you thankful for in your relationship(s)? There are so many incentives to being in a relationship and many of these are taken for granted throughout the year. But when you get...

(01/09/2017 @ 00:00)

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Spécial : réforme du collège

- BO spécial n°11 du 26 novembre 2015: Programmes d'enseignement du cycle des apprentissages fondamentaux (cycle 2), du cycle de consolidation (cycle 3) et du cycle des approfondissements (cycle 4) à compter de la rentrée 2016

Annexe 1: Programme cycle 2
Annexe 2: Programme cycle 3
Annexe 3: Programme cycle 4

- Eduscol: Ressources d'accompagnement pour les langues vivantes aux cycles 2,3 et 4

- Questions / réponses sur la nouvelle organisation du collège sur éduscol

- DNB: Modalités d'attribution à compter de 2017. BO n° 3 du 21 janvier 2016 et BO n°14 du 8 avril 2016

- BO n° 17 du 23 avril 2015 (encart) Socle commun de connaissances, de compétence et de culture à compter de la rentrée 2016

-  Présentation sur le portail éduscol du nouveau socle commun pour 2016.

- Sur Eduscol: Ressources pour l'évaluation du socle commun en langues vivantes étrangères (avril 2017)

- Dossier "Stratégie Langues vivantes"' (janvier 2016)

- Banques de ressources numériques pour l'école BRNE Anglais Cycle 3 et 4

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