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news.gifNouvelles (rss) - Caribbean News Headlines

Caribbean News Now! Daily Headlines

A summary of our daily news headlines of events happening in or relevant to the Caribbean region

'Solid case' exists in bribery scandal against Panama Papers law firm

PANAMA CITY, Panama (ICIJ) -- Mossack Fonseca, the law firm at the heart of the Panama Papers affair, sold shell companies and held bank accounts that were used to help conceal bribes paid across South America, a Panamanian prosecutor alleged at a press conference.

(29/03/2017 @ 00:00)

US slams St Kitts-Nevis in money laundering and financial crimes report

BASSETERRE, St Kitts (WINN) -- A US State Department report claims that St Kitts and Nevis “remains susceptible to corruption and money laundering and its deficient vetting of citizenship by investment candidates is also problematic”.The scathing report, released in March, attributes the...

(29/03/2017 @ 00:00)

Privy Council upholds Turks and Caicos Islands government asset recovery claim

LONDON, England -- On Monday, the Privy Council in London dismissed an appeal by Akita Holdings Ltd against the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) government, affirming the decisions of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal as part of the government's claim against Akita Holdings under...

(29/03/2017 @ 00:00)

If you really want to know what's happening with tech in Cuba, read beyond the headlines

HAVANA, Cuba -- “Cuba slashes Internet costs” … “Cuba signs deal with Google for faster internet access” … “Will Cuba embrace the Internet revolution?” These recent headlines from AFP, Al Jazeera and BBC, respectively, paint a picture of a society that after nearly six decades of dictatorship...

(29/03/2017 @ 00:00)

Feasibility study confirms geothermal potential of St Kitts

BASSETERRE, St Kitts (SKNIS) -- A feasibility study done by Teranov, a French engineering and services company for new and renewable energy based in Guadeloupe, has confirmed that there is potential in St Kitts to develop at least 18 to 36 megawatts of geothermal power.

(29/03/2017 @ 00:00)

ICT is everyone's responsibility, says Antigua-Barbuda PM

ST JOHN’S, Antigua -- Antigua, the island of 365 beaches, was the location of the ICT Week and Symposium and Prime Minister Gaston Browne, in delivering the feature address at the opening ceremony, stated that everyone needs to get involved in ICT.  “ICT is inclusive and all empowering...

(29/03/2017 @ 00:00)

People and partnership needed to keep Caribbean competitive, says CHTA head

ST THOMAS, USVI -- The head of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) has called on the region to work together to ensure the Caribbean remains one of the world's leading destinations. Delivering the keynote at the annual general meeting of the US Virgin Islands...

(29/03/2017 @ 00:00)

Creditors outline violations of PROMESA in Puerto Rico fiscal plan

WASHINGTON, USA -- On Monday, creditors and insurers representing approximately $12 billion of bonds issued by Puerto Rico and its instrumentalities sent a joint letter to members of the Federal Oversight Board created by the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act...

(29/03/2017 @ 00:00)

Anguilla's Festival Del Mar, the Caribbean's best seafood festival

THE VALLEY, Anguilla -- One of the premier culinary festivals in the Caribbean, the tenth annual Festival Del Mar in Anguilla, is a must for any foodie – especially those with a penchant for seafood. Local lobster features prominently, as do crab, crayfish, octopus (sea cat), fried fish, and grilled fish.

(29/03/2017 @ 00:00)

Commentary: Putting the right pieces of the puzzle together in St Kitts-Nevis

As a young boy growing up in Grenada, one of my favorite things to do was putting jigsaw puzzles together. However, the most frustrating thing for me was trying to fit 500 pieces together without the picture on the box. Without knowing what picture should emerge the task is longer, harder and...

(29/03/2017 @ 00:00)

Commentary: Together we are stronger

As a relative of a young man killed by the police in Kingston, Jamaica, many people have asked me how my family copes with the pain, with having lost a part of us, with the immense frustration of not having found justice for Nakiea. The answer is not easy. Some days, the strength to continue...

(29/03/2017 @ 00:00)

Letter: Where is the outrage to political and religious barons in St Lucia?

In the solemnity of my Sunday afternoon reflection in this season of Lent, my mind drifts into the cycle of a nation, Saint Lucia, that is becoming hardened. Some say, stone cold, to normalizing sorrow and pain – to becoming acceptable in conquest by imperial forces of Babylon. The compromise...

(29/03/2017 @ 00:00)

Letter: Patriarchy and power

Violence against women has become very much a major issue in the public domain and discourse. This is a very important development because our record as Caribbean men in this area has not been particularly good. And we do need to take stock and re-learn some key relationship patterns.

(29/03/2017 @ 00:00)

Open letter: Bonaire people's rejection of Dutch parliament elections

Herewith we refer to our last letter objecting to the Dutch Parliament elections as organized on our islands Bonaire and Sint Eustatius, whose peoples never choose the Dutch Parliament as their representatives or as their legislators. This Dutch election our islands...

(29/03/2017 @ 00:00)

Opposition MP sues St Lucia PM for defamation

CASTRIES, St Lucia -- In the latest in what seems to be a current spate of defamation actions launched by politicians against colleagues on the other side of the aisle in the Eastern Caribbean, Dr Ernest Hilaire, the opposition St Lucia Labour Party member of parliament for Castries South...

(28/03/2017 @ 00:00)

OECS officials convene to discuss freedom of movement regime

CASTRIES, St Lucia -- Regional integration stakeholders convened on March 16 to discuss the current implementation status of the indefinite stay regime and the rights contingent to the free movement of people regime; two critical accomplishments of the OECS.

(28/03/2017 @ 00:00)

Stakeholders discuss way forward for regional sugar industry

KINGSTON, Jamaica -- The ability of sugar industry in the region to survive after the removal of production quotas in the European Union (EU) on 30 September, 2017, will depend on improved competitiveness and pragmatic diversification options, according to a Caribbean Community (CARICOM)...

(28/03/2017 @ 00:00)

Haiti called on urgently to advance human rights agenda

LONDON, England -- Following the adoption by the Human Rights Council of the universal periodic review outcome on Haiti, Haiti’s acceptance of recommendations to ratify the UN Convention on the Status of Stateless Persons and the Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness...

(28/03/2017 @ 00:00)

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Spécial : réforme du collège

- BO spécial n°11 du 26 novembre 2015: Programmes d'enseignement du cycle des apprentissages fondamentaux (cycle 2), du cycle de consolidation (cycle 3) et du cycle des approfondissements (cycle 4) à compter de la rentrée 2016

Annexe 1: Programme cycle 2
Annexe 2: Programme cycle 3
Annexe 3: Programme cycle 4

- Eduscol: Ressources d'accompagnement pour les langues vivantes aux cycles 2,3 et 4

- Questions / réponses sur la nouvelle organisation du collège sur éduscol

- DNB: Modalités d'attribution à compter de 2017. BO n° 3 du 21 janvier 2016 et BO n°14 du 8 avril 2016

- BO n° 17 du 23 avril 2015 (encart) Socle commun de connaissances, de compétence et de culture à compter de la rentrée 2016

-  Présentation sur le portail éduscol du nouveau socle commun pour 2016.

- Sur Eduscol: Ressources pour l'évaluation du niveau de maîtrise du socle commun en langue vivante 

- Dossier "Stratégie Langues vivantes"' (janvier 2016)

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