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news.gifNouvelles (rss) - VOA American Cafe

American Café - Voice of America

Join host David Byrd as he talks to some of the fascinating people who help make life in America what it is. Whether its health, technology, entertainment, or culture we'll meet the folks who make America unique.

Music and Healing: American Café January 15, 2019 - January 15, 2019

This week we feature two stories of music and healing. Dr. Kenny Davin Fine tells us how music can be a powerful aid to healing. Then we meet Brandon Mendenhall, who overcame childhood cerebral palsy to become the founder and guitarist of The Mendenhall Experiment.

(15/01/2019 @ 21:16)

New Year, New You: American Café January 10, 2019 - January 10, 2019

This time of year is often when people make changes - a new job, eat better, manage our money. But what if it's time for an internal house cleaning? How do you get rid of toxic relationships? What do you do when relationships end? This week, we talk with two authors with insight on a new year and a new you.

(10/01/2019 @ 18:11)

Surviving the Holidays: American Café December 18, 2018 - December 18, 2018

This time of year is called 'the most wonderful time' by some. But it can also be painful. How do you survive getting together with family members you might not like? And what if you're alone? We talk to three experts about navigating holiday stresses on this week's American Café

(18/12/2018 @ 19:48)

Hope and Healing: American Café December 11, 2018 - December 11, 2018

This week we visit the One House art project which highlights the diversity of American society and the many stories of people who come here. Then we'll visit a special clinic that is helping musicians stay in playing form.

(11/12/2018 @ 17:37)

Something in the Water: American Café December 4, 2018 - December 04, 2018

This week, we visit the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, where water plays a big role in how the bourbon tastes. Then Steve Baragona takes us to Baltimore, Maryland, where scientists are purifying water using algae.

(04/12/2018 @ 17:29)

American Icons: American Café November 27, 2018 - November 27, 2018

For generations, the Statue of Liberty has greeted people coming to the United States through New York Harbor. This week, we visit the site of a new museum dedicated to Lady Liberty. Then we travel to New Orleans, Louisiana, the birthplace of jazz for some foot-stomping good times at Preservation Hall.

(27/11/2018 @ 19:32)

Forgive and Forget? Not Quite: American Café November 20, 2018 - November 20, 2018

This week the holiday season gets into full swing in the United States. But often the hoped for joy of the season is poisoned by anger, bitterness, or resentment. This week, host David Byrd chats with rabbi/cantor Judy Greenfeld from Nachshon Minyan in Encino, California, about how forgiveness can help free us from the bad things that bind us.

(20/11/2018 @ 19:13)

Mindfulness and Gratitude: Author Julie Potiker American Café November 13, 2018 - November 13, 2018

You might have heard of mindfulness or being present. But how do you do that? What role does gratitude play in having a happy, stress-free life? This week, we chat with Julie Potiker, the author of "Life Falls Apart, but You Don't have to: Mindful Methods for Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos."

(13/11/2018 @ 20:10)

2018 Elections: now What? American Café November 7, 2018 - November 07, 2018

What do the 2018 midterm election results mean for Donald Trump's presidency? How will having the Democrats in control of the House of Representatives affect his plans? What does it mean for the country? VOA Chief Political Correspondent Jim Malone stops by to answer those and other questions on this week's show.

(07/11/2018 @ 18:03)

Our Animal Friends: American Café October 30, 2018 - October 30, 2018

This week we look at how animals are helping people live better and longer lives. Kevin Enochs tells us how dogs are being used to fight the spread of Malaria. Faith Lapidus takes us to a Mississippi farm where the descendants of the first horses in the Americas are thriving. Mil Arcega tells us about how Yaks are making a new home in Colorado.

(30/10/2018 @ 17:33)

Life Voyages: American Café October 23, 2018 - October 23, 2018

This week we travel along as some teen girls build their confidence through a voyage on board a sailing ship. Then we'll visit one of the remotest observatories in the United States to see how it helps monitor climate change. And just in time for Halloween, we visit a pumpkin patch in Maryland.

(23/10/2018 @ 23:08)

Reflections and Transformations: American Café October 16, 2018 - October 16, 2018

This week, we meet some folks who are working with ex-cons to start over in life. We also hear about a high-tech mirror that can give you a 3-D readout on your smart phone. And some of the recycling trucks in Washington, DC are doubling as works of art.

(16/10/2018 @ 18:55)

Extraordinary Visions: American Café October 9, 2018 - October 09, 2018

This week, we meet Concetta Antico, a woman who has a special kind of vision that allows her to see colors other humans can't. And we'll also hear from Grammy and Tony award-winning singer Dee Dee Bridgewater.

(09/10/2018 @ 19:00)

Bridging Gaps Through Art: American Café October 2, 2018 - October 02, 2018

This week we meet two groups of people using art to bridge gaps. In Leesburg, Virginia we visit Clay and Metal, where two artists are helping to build community. Then we travel to Chicago to a special art space on Sedgwick Street, where art is helping bridge the economic gaps between those who live on the east side and those who live on the west side of this thoroughfare.

(02/10/2018 @ 16:31)

Tech Week American Café September 25, 2018 - September 25, 2018

This week, we hear about a European Space Agency mission to the sun with some down-to-earth goals. Then Deborah Block tells us about new technology that helps the disabled.

(25/09/2018 @ 19:18)

History of Standup: American Café September 19, 2018 - September 19, 2018

This week we talk with comedian, professor, and podcast host Wayne Federman about his new show The History of Standup. Wayne's podcast traces the history of the art form from its earliest times to modern day standup specials.

(19/09/2018 @ 18:23)

Are You Alive? American Café September 11, 2018 - September 11, 2018

What does it mean to be truly alive? Are there things you do that make you feel the most alive? Can anyone do them? This week, we meet the host and narrator of a new documentary series The Search for Aliveness. They're asking people all over the world to tell them waht makes them truly alive.

(11/09/2018 @ 18:50)

Making It: American Café September 4, 2018 - September 04, 2018

This week we visit a co-living facility in Brooklyn where people are redefining the American dream of home ownership. Then Elizabeth Lee introduces us to interns at the Academy Gold program in Los Angeles, where people from underserved communities are learning the film business.

(04/09/2018 @ 18:50)

Walk of America: American Café August 28, 2018 - August 28, 2018

This week we introduce you to some members of the Walk of America team. They are combat veterans walking more than 1,600 kilometers across the United States to raise awareness - and money - to help veterans in the UK and the USA.

(28/08/2018 @ 17:57)

Surviving Sexual Abuse: American Café August 21, 2018 - August 21, 2018

This week we look at surviving sexual abuse. From the recent grand jury report on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania, to the Larry Nassar case with USA Gymnastics, to Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo movement, sexual abuse and recovery has been in the news. We'll hear from marriage and family therapist Steven Ing about some of the reasons - and solutions - for sexual abuse.

(21/08/2018 @ 18:50)

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