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The top esl/efl listening resource for those learning English and teaching English. We provide real conversations recorded for all levels of English learners. In addition, the supporting worksheets and transcripts can be used for self access or in the classroom to provide valuable English language lessons for learners of English at Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Level 3.145 Tutor YouTube

Is the popular website as good a learning resource as school or university?

(13/09/2018 @ 03:15)

Level B.75 Cash or card?

In this digital age which businesses benefit most from a cashless society?

(30/08/2018 @ 03:15)

Level 1.144 Summer jobs

Jackie and Richard talk about the summer jobs they did when they were students.

(16/08/2018 @ 03:15)

Level 2.144 The land of the red dragon

We talk about Wales, one of the smallest countries that makes up the UK.

(02/08/2018 @ 03:15)

Level 3.144 Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Jackie and Richard compare this year's sweltering heatwave to that of 1976

(26/07/2018 @ 03:15)

Level B.74 The sportswriter

Simon talks about his profession as a freelance sportswriter

(19/07/2018 @ 03:15)

Level 1.143 Sun and sandals

What are Jackie and Richard wearing on their feet right now?

(05/07/2018 @ 03:15)

Level 2.143 Milestones

Which are the events that Jackie and Richard see as special in their lives?

(28/06/2018 @ 03:15)

Level 3.143 British icons: Stonehenge

Why are a circle of prehistoric stones the place to be for the summer solstice?

(21/06/2018 @ 03:15)

Level B.73 The artisan economy

From homemade bread to craft beer, locally made products are on the increase.

(07/06/2018 @ 03:15)

Level 1.142 Our sisters

Jackie and Richard both have one sister, listen and find out if they are different to them, or similar

(31/05/2018 @ 03:15)

Level 2.142 A clash of continents

So will there be any surprises at the World Cup this time?

(17/05/2018 @ 15:15)

Level 3.142 No smoking

It's over a decade since the no smoking ban; has it made a difference?

(03/05/2018 @ 15:15)

Level B.72 Fake Facebook

Should individuals or businesses continue to trust this popular website now?

(26/04/2018 @ 07:15)

Level 1.141 Liverpool the city.

There's more to Liverpool than its football clubs, or is there?

(12/04/2018 @ 03:15)

Level 2.141 Being crafty

Jackie talks about two craft courses she went on recently

(05/04/2018 @ 15:15)

Level 3.141 British icons: Stephen Hawking

Jackie and Richard celebrate the life of the Master of the Universe.

(29/03/2018 @ 15:15)

Level B.71 A new design for pie!

Jackie and Richard talk about giving the website a whole new look

(15/03/2018 @ 07:15)

Level 1.140 It doesn't add up! .

Which school subject sent Jackie running away from the school gates?

(01/03/2018 @ 13:15)

Level 2.140 The shooting

Another tragic event in the US, we talk about what happened and the case for gun control

(22/02/2018 @ 15:15)

Level 3.140 On the piste

Jackie and Richard go on a ski trip for the first time in many years.

(15/02/2018 @ 15:15)

Level B.70 There's something wrong with the chips

Jackie and Richard talk about the importance of customer feedback

(01/02/2018 @ 07:15)

Level 1.139 Home sweet home.

Jackie and Richard talk about their home and if they are happy living there.

(25/01/2018 @ 13:15)

Level 2.139 Where's our package?!

Jackie and Richard start the new year by complaining about couriers

(11/01/2018 @ 15:15)

Level 3.139 Ask me another

It's the 2017 quiz! How much can you remember, and can you beat Richard?

(04/01/2018 @ 15:15)

Level 1.138 Paddington and the Christmas Visitor.

Another fun end to the year: watch one of the most popular Christmas adverts in the UK

(14/12/2017 @ 13:15)

Level B.69 The economics of Christmas

Just how important is the lead up to the holiday for the retail sector?

(07/12/2017 @ 07:15)

Level 2.138 Mind games

Experiments show there's more to making up our minds than we think

(30/11/2017 @ 15:15)

Level 3.138 A podcast about poo!

Jackie and Richard talk about the smallest room in the house for World Toilet Day

(16/11/2017 @ 15:15)

Level B.68 We are electric

Keep up to date with the latest on electric cars and how they're leading the way.

(02/11/2017 @ 07:15)

Level 1.137 Spooky nights

Watch our video and find out what we traditionally do in Britain for Hallowe'en

(26/10/2017 @ 13:15)

Level 2.137 Pick up the pieces

Jackie and Richard have discovered a new way to spend time: doing jigsaws!

(19/10/2017 @ 15:15)

Level 3.137 Plastic fantastic?

The omnipresent material we can't live with or without.

(05/10/2017 @ 15:15)

Level B.67 Death of diesel?

The car industry is responding to car pollution, what is their solution?

(21/09/2017 @ 07:15)

Level 1.136 Dream on

Richard talks to Jackie about the dreams he has at night.

(14/09/2017 @ 13:15)

Level 2.136 That's funny!

Jackie and Richard talk about what makes them laugh, hee hee!

(01/09/2017 @ 07:15)

Travelogue: Varanasi

Find out what makes this India's oldest and holiest city.

(17/08/2017 @ 15:15)

Level 3.136 My left hand

Pam talks about living in a right-handers' world for International Left Handers Day

(03/08/2017 @ 15:15)

Level 1.135 Keep left

In the car, on your bike or while walking, road signs are everywhere.

(27/07/2017 @ 13:15)

Level B.66 Pets at work

Nestle think you would be barking mad to leave your pet at home, bring it to work

(20/07/2017 @ 07:15)

Level 2.135 Bugbears

Jackie and Richard have a moan about those everyday things that annoy them.

(05/07/2017 @ 07:15)

Level 3.135 The firefighters

We salute the men and women who do one of the the world's toughest jobs

(29/06/2017 @ 07:15)

Level 1.134 Whoops!

We all have minor accidents. Listen to Richard talk about something that happened to him

(15/06/2017 @ 06:15)

Level 2.134 Four-legged friends

40% of households in the UK have pets. Listen to Jackie and Richard talking about their pets, past and present.

(01/06/2017 @ 07:15)

Level 3.134 The light fandango

Are LED bulbs the bright future, or a dull headache?

(25/05/2017 @ 07:15)

Level B.65 Ransomware

We talk about the latest cybercrime to affect computers all around the world

(18/05/2017 @ 07:15)

Level 1.133 The mighty oak

Jackie and Richard talk about the best known and most loved of Britain's native trees

(04/05/2017 @ 06:15)

Level 2.133 May Day

Join Jackie and Richard as they talk about the May 1st celebrations.

(27/04/2017 @ 07:15)

Level 3.133 Looking is seeing

Jackie and Richard talk about wearing glasses and visiting the optician's

(20/04/2017 @ 07:15)

Level B.64 The rise of the machine 2

Part 2 wonders if we are all going to lose our jobs to automation

(06/04/2017 @ 07:15)

Level 1.132 The road to nowhere

What's the best way of driving from A to B without getting lost?

(30/03/2017 @ 06:15)

Level 2.132 the Taj Mahal

Travel to India and join Richard at a truly magical place.

(16/03/2017 @ 07:15)

Level 3.132 Stand and sing

Jackie and Richard talk about national anthems; how much do you like yours?

(02/03/2017 @ 07:15)

Level B.63 The rise of the machine

The fourth industrial revolution sees the robot replacing humans.

(23/02/2017 @ 07:15)

Level 1.131 Sing, sang, sung

So just how keen are Jackie and Richard on singing? Listen and find out!

(16/02/2017 @ 06:15)

Level 2.131 Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Jackie and Richard talk about their hair and which products they use.

(02/02/2017 @ 07:15)

Level 3.131 Culture shock

Jackie and Richard share their experiences of being in a different culture

(26/01/2017 @ 07:15)

Level B.62 Career change

Listen to Johnny talk about the reasons he moved from one occupation to another, level 2/3

(19/01/2017 @ 07:15)

Level 1.130 All the threes. The 2016 quiz

Can you remember what happened last year better than Richard?

(12/01/2017 @ 07:15)

Level 2.130 Buster the boxer

A fun end to the year: watch the most popular Christmas advert in the UK

(19/12/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 3.130 Forza Italia

Linda talks about holidaying in Italy, listen and find out what she likes so much

(08/12/2016 @ 07:15)

Level B.61 Airbnb

It has changed the holiday scene, but is it also a victim of its own success? level 2/3

(01/12/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 1.129 Stop me and buy one!

Jackie and Richard are amazed by the different things that are carried on Vietnamese bicycles.

(24/11/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 2.129 The Trump card

Love him or loathe him, Trump's speeches have always made the headlines.

(10/11/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 3.129 Parkrun, what's that?

Listen to Jemma talk about an event that's becoming more popular by the week

(03/11/2016 @ 07:15)

Level B.60 Hacked off!

How a cyber-attack disrupted Internet service across Europe and the US; level 3

(27/10/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 1.128 Feed the world

Here's some things for you to do for World Food Day.

(13/10/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 2.128 Knife, fork and spoon

Or perhaps something else; how do you eat your food?

(06/10/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 3.128 Fear of flying

Listen to Sue talk about her experience on a long haul flight to South Africa.

(29/09/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 1.127 Win a prize!

Find out why Di enters so many competitions each year.

(15/09/2016 @ 07:15)

Level B.59 The hashtag

Twitter is 10 years old this year, so some top tips for businesses.

(01/09/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 2.127 Collecting things

Butterflies, beads or buttons, people collect many different things. So what does Richard collect?

(25/08/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 1.126 London's burning

The Great Fire of London was 350 years ago. Watch our video and find out more

(04/08/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 3.127 The streets of Kolkata

Join Richard among the hustle and bustle, taste and sounds of this amazing city.

(28/07/2016 @ 07:15)

Level B.58 The line

Britain's Team Sky stand out both for their cycling and for their branding

(21/07/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 3.126 Chocolate, yay!

We celebrate World Chocolate Day with a podcast about the world's favourite flavour

(07/07/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 1.125 Iceland: the land of fire and ice.

Listen to some amazing things about Iceland, including their football team of course!

(30/06/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 2.126 Not just a phone

Karin talks to Jackie about her favourite apps on her mobile.

(16/06/2016 @ 07:15)

Level B.57 The supermarket man

Alan talks about his responsibilities as Technical Director for Tesco

(02/06/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 2.125 The Euros

Four weeks of fun and football to look forward to with the UEFA European Championship!

(26/05/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 3.125 The dancing queen

Listen to Nora talk about her unusual life as a professional dancer.

(19/05/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 1.124 Breakfast

We talk about what we eat for the most important meal of the day. What do you have?

(05/05/2016 @ 07:15)

Level B.56 The Panama papers

While many benefit from offshore finances, there are also those who are victims.

(28/04/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 2.124 All around the world

Helen tells Richard about the different places she has lived, and which is her favourite.

(14/04/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 3.124 British icons: Yorkshire

Join Pam and Jackie in one of the nicest parts of the UK.

(07/04/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 1.123 Chalk and cheese

Our two dogs, Jussi and Betty, are very different. Listen, or watch our video and find out how.

(31/03/2016 @ 07:15)

Level B.55 Brexit

Britain in Europe: should we stay or should we go?

(03/03/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 2.123 Call the midwife

Meet Naomi who is training to become the most important person on the maternity ward!

(25/02/2016 @ 06:35)

Level 3.123 No news is good news

Why is our daily dose of news always dominated by gloomy headlines?

(18/02/2016 @ 06:15)

Level 1.122 Chinese New Year

Decorations, dragons and dancers - welcome to Chinatown!

(04/02/2016 @ 07:15)

Level B.54 Going down

We look at why the price of oil is tumbling and who is benefitting from this

(28/01/2016 @ 07:15)

Level 3.122 Shaken not stirred

British icons: James Bond, the world's favourite spy

(14/01/2016 @ 05:15)

Level 2.122 No idea! The 2015 quiz

How much does Jackie know about 2015 and can you do any better?

(06/01/2016 @ 05:15)

Level 1.121 Toys, toys, toys

Which are the most popular UK toys over the last 50 years?

(10/12/2015 @ 05:15)

Level 2.121 The calendar

Attractive as well as useful, calendars also have an interesting history!

(03/12/2015 @ 05:15)

Level B.53 Selling nostalgia

The marketing secret behind some 'traditional' customs and products

(26/11/2015 @ 05:15)

Level 3.121 Ashes to ashes

Everybody goes to a funeral, even if it's only their own!

(12/11/2015 @ 05:15)

Level B.52 The VW scandal

So it seems there's no such thing as clean diesel after all

(05/11/2015 @ 05:15)

Level 1.120 City life

For UN World Cities day Jackie and Richard talk about cities far and wide

(22/10/2015 @ 05:15)

Level 2.120 Cowboy country (video)

Join Jackie and Richard with the cowboys, horses and shoot-outs

(15/10/2015 @ 05:15)

Level 3.120 The refugees

Thousands are travelling but where are they from and where do they want to go?

(01/10/2015 @ 05:15)

Level B.51 Crowdfunding part 2

What a lot of money can be raised for small businesses!

(24/09/2015 @ 05:15)

Level 1.119 The delivery van

So many things can be delivered straight to your house, you don't need to go shopping!

(10/09/2015 @ 05:20)

Level 2.119 Fly the flag

New Zealand is thinking about changing their flag - so why is that?

(03/09/2015 @ 05:25)

Level 3.119 The ballot box

We look at the pros and cons of three different voting systems

(20/08/2015 @ 06:10)

Level B.50 The amalgamation

An employee's personal experience of three companies merging

(06/08/2015 @ 09:15)

Level 1.118 Portugal all year round

There are interesting places to visit in Portugal every season of the year

(30/07/2015 @ 14:15)

Level 2.118 Once in a blue moon

This month we see a blue moon, but what is that exactly?!

(16/07/2015 @ 07:25)

Level 3.118 Rain stopped play

Richard explains how to play one of the UK's most popular sports - cricket, of course!

(02/07/2015 @ 10:10)

Special competition video!

Watch our special video and try your luck at winning one year's free pie membership

(25/06/2015 @ 04:40)

Level 1.117 Why yoga?

World Yoga Day is 21 Jun so we talk to Jim about why he does yoga everyday

(17/06/2015 @ 14:15)

Level 2.117 Jaws

Why the "teeth of the sea" is one of Hollywood's most frightening films

(04/06/2015 @ 05:25)

Level 3.117 The Hatton Garden heist

Over the Easter weekend in London nine thieves made a daring raid and stole millions

(28/05/2015 @ 05:20)

Level B.49 Consumer choice

Buyers today can choose between many varieties when buying a product, but how good is that really?

(21/05/2015 @ 06:55)

Level 1.116 Thanks for the memory

How good are Richard and Jackie about remembering things? How good are you?!

(07/05/2015 @ 06:10)

Level 2.116 The old grey matter

Get your thinking hats on for this podcast which is all about the brain!

(30/04/2015 @ 04:55)

Level 3.116 Below the line

Do you comment online? Do you use your real name? Why not?!

(16/04/2015 @ 12:20)

Level B.48 Import and export part 2

What is the point of countries importing and exporting the very same product?

(09/04/2015 @ 05:40)

Level 1.115 Wild orchids (video)

Jackie and Richard show you the wonderful wild flowers growing near their home

(26/03/2015 @ 08:05)

Level 2.115 Baking soda

There's something quite amazing on the shelf in the kitchen!

(12/03/2015 @ 15:15)

Level 3.115 A place in the sun

The pie team talk about their experience of being on a TV show.

(05/03/2015 @ 07:10)

Level B.47 Crowdfunding part 1

We look at a growing industry in the business world and ask what it is and how it works

(25/02/2015 @ 06:15)

Level 1.114 Hot wok! (2 videos)

Two videos from Ken Hom to celebrate Chinese New Year this month

(12/02/2015 @ 07:30)

Level 2.114 The 5:2 diet

What success, if any, have the pie team had with their dieting?

(05/02/2015 @ 07:15)

Level 3.114 You are what you eat

Do you want to lose weight? We talk about diets and dieting.

(29/01/2015 @ 07:30)

Level B.46 Import and export part 1

Who dictates what food we import: consumers, farmers or retailers?

(15/01/2015 @ 14:00)

Level 1.113 The 2014 quiz

Once again Jackie tests Richard on events from last year, can you do better than him?

(08/01/2015 @ 09:10)

Level 2.113 Whose turn is it?

There are lots of reasons why you should sit down with family and friends and play a board game this holiday!

(18/12/2014 @ 08:40)

Level 3.113 Blowin' in the wind (video)

Where is the windiest place in the world? Watch a BBC video and find out.

(11/12/2014 @ 08:20)

Level B.45 Black Friday UK

From over there to over here, how successful was the American sales day in the UK?

(04/12/2014 @ 12:40)

Level 1.112 Thanksgiving

and Black Friday: Richard talks about his time in the United States

(27/11/2014 @ 10:45)

Level 2.112 Real Madrid

Join Richard with Real Madrid supporter Al before a Champions' League match.

(20/11/2014 @ 12:55)

Level 3.112 Knit 1, purl 1

Get out your needles and yarn, Jackie and Helen are talking about knitting!

(12/11/2014 @ 23:30)

Level B.44 Mood music

In-store marketing says it can turn browsers into buyers, but does it work?

(06/11/2014 @ 06:40)

Level 1.111 The fall

Winter, spring, summer and now autumn, it's the cold but colourful season

(30/10/2014 @ 06:20)

Level 2.111 Useful or useless?

That's the question we ask about some household gadgets

(23/10/2014 @ 09:00)

Level 3.111 Cool blue

The blue LED won the Nobel Prize for Physics. What's so special about that?

(16/10/2014 @ 05:45)

Level B.43 It's a bargain! Or is it?

Supermarkets have lots of special offers, but are they always better value?

(02/10/2014 @ 12:10)

Level 1.110 Nice holiday?

Jackie and Richard talk about their last holiday, and now you can talk about yours!

(25/09/2014 @ 04:33)

Level 2.110 Dennis the Menace

Jackie and Richard talk about comics and their favourite comic characters

(18/09/2014 @ 08:25)

Level 3.110 Jo's motors

Jo talks about cars and driving; buckle up and enjoy the ride!

(04/09/2014 @ 04:15)

Level B.42 The bitcoin

Baffled by bitcoins? Confused by the cyber-currency? You're not alone!

(28/08/2014 @ 09:10)

Level 1.109 Bad habits

What bad habits do Richard and Jackie have? Listen and find out!

(21/08/2014 @ 03:40)

Level 2.109 Drive, drove, driven

A podcast about driving and learning to drive. Beep! Beep!

(07/08/2014 @ 14:45)

Level 3.109 The picnic

When the sun shines there's nothing better than eating outside!

(31/07/2014 @ 09:00)

Level B.41 How can I help?

What a difference good customer service makes - if you can find it!

(23/07/2014 @ 05:00)

Level 1.108 Can you swim?

Jump in the water and listen to Jackie and Richard talk about learning to swim

(10/07/2014 @ 13:40)

Level 2.108 The Great War

Listen to some facts about the First World War which started a hundred years ago (video)

(03/07/2014 @ 04:42)

Level 3.108 No more umpires!

With modern technology there's no need to have umpires or referees anymore, is there?

(26/06/2014 @ 05:30)

Level B.40 Taxi!

How a modern technology angers taxi drivers and brings cities to a standstill

(19/06/2014 @ 05:00)

Level 1.107 Brazil: not just a country

One country, two trees and lots of interesting facts!

(12/06/2014 @ 04:30)

Level 2.107 The World Cup

Facts and fun about one of the most coveted trophies in sport

(05/06/2014 @ 04:05)

Level 3.107 Dial 999

Join Sue in her kitchen and find out why she called the fire brigade

(29/05/2014 @ 08:30)

Level B.39 FIFA scores

For many football is a passion, for FIFA it's purely a financial affair

(15/05/2014 @ 05:55)

Level 1.106 The Merry Month of May

Lots of information about the year's prettiest month - it's not just about flowers!

(08/05/2014 @ 05:15)

Level 3.106 No connection

How did Jackie and Richard survive without the Internet?

(01/05/2014 @ 05:20)

Level B.38 Techno kitchen

High-tech products have revolutionised the way we cook

(24/04/2014 @ 04:35)

Level 1.105 The Easter egg

There's more to Easter eggs than just eating them, listen and find out!

(10/04/2014 @ 05:15)

Level 2.106 Holy Week (video)

For the Easter festival the pie team tell the story of Jesus' last days

(03/04/2014 @ 06:45)

Level 2.105 The tramp

The pie team celebrate 100 years of Charlie Chaplin and his famous tramp

(27/03/2014 @ 05:10)

Level B.37 Modern innovations: sugru

A very small thing is going to make a very big difference to many people's lives!

(20/03/2014 @ 04:45)

Level 1.104 Dear diary

There are some good reasons for writing a diary about your everyday life

(13/03/2014 @ 05:00)

Level 3.105 That sinking feeling

What could be worse than the Earth opening up and swallowing you?

(06/03/2014 @ 06:10)

Level 2.104 A mouse in the house

Jo talks about some uninvited guests that are making themselves feel at home

(27/02/2014 @ 05:10)

Level 3.104 Don't look down

Don't look down and hold on tight as Nicky talks about her new hobby

(20/02/2014 @ 04:45)

Level B.36 The café conundrum

Come and have a cup of coffee with the pie team in a new style of café

(13/02/2014 @ 04:45)

Level 1.103 Paintings not photos

Join the pie team in putting something more artistic on Facebook

(06/02/2014 @ 08:45)

Level 2.103 Giddy up!

Jackie and Richard share their riding experiences to celebrate the Year of the Horse

(30/01/2014 @ 14:10)

Level 3.103 The Winter Olympics

You don't need to come from a snowy country but you're unlikely to win a medal

(23/01/2014 @ 12:25)

Level B.35 part 2

What are the advantages for travellers choosing this online travel agency to book their holidays?

(16/01/2014 @ 06:25)

Level 1.102 A poem for Christmas

The pie team want you to celebrate the festive season with poetry

(09/01/2014 @ 12:15)

Level 2.102 British icons: Doctor Who

The pie team celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who

(19/12/2013 @ 06:30)

Level 3.102 That was the year 2013

We look back at last year with a quiz, how many questions can you answer?

(12/12/2013 @ 05:00)

Level B.34 Power to the people

Since the Mandela era boycotts have been a powerful tool

(05/12/2013 @ 04:45)

Level 1.101 Figgy pudding

Hear about some Christmas meals eaten in different parts of the world, mmm!

(28/11/2013 @ 05:55)

Level 2.101 Mushrooms

Delicious and deadly, the pie team take care when picking their favourite free food

(21/11/2013 @ 04:40)

Level 3.101 Poetry

Powerful or pointless? The pie team wonder if there's a place for poetry these days

(14/11/2013 @ 06:40)

Level B.33 All of a twitter

Not just for fun and socialising, Twitter is great for business too

(07/11/2013 @ 10:00)

Level 1.100 Bonfire Night (video)

Richard explains the reason behind this traditional Nov event

(31/10/2013 @ 04:55)

Level 2.100 Catching up

Jackie hasn't see Sue for a while, what's the news from her and the family?

(23/10/2013 @ 11:30)

Level 3.100 Citizenship

Why Gareth decided he wanted to be French as well as British

(03/10/2013 @ 06:10)

St James Way (Travelogues video)

Pilgrims talk about their journeys along el camino de Santiago

(26/09/2013 @ 06:50)

Level B.32 Social media at work

How one manager deals with his staff using Twitter and Facebook

(12/09/2013 @ 07:00)

Level 1.99 Back to school

Do Jackie and Richard have good memories of their schooldays?

(05/09/2013 @ 06:15)

Level 2.99 Whale watching (video)

Jackie sails into the Mediterranean in search of marine life

(29/08/2013 @ 05:10)

Level 3.99 Pick a pocket or two...

How to survive your holiday from the increasing number of pickpockets in town

(15/08/2013 @ 09:30)

Level B.31 part 1

Just how useful is the online website for hotel owners?

(01/08/2013 @ 09:00)

Level 1.98 The little prince

William and Kate show off their baby boy, but will he be King George VII one day?

(26/07/2013 @ 08:30)

Level 2.98 The Grand Prix

Montreal, Monte Carlo, Melbourne - Formula 1 racing can now be seen all around the world

(04/07/2013 @ 04:40)

Level 3.98 The yellow jersey

Pelotons, polka-dots and Paris - it's the Tour de France. Allons-y!

(27/06/2013 @ 05:55)

Level B.30 The G8

What's the point of some powerful world leaders getting together for a few days?

(20/06/2013 @ 04:40)

Level 1.97 The tipping point

Unfortunately, it's not just snow and ice on the slopes of Mount Everest

(13/06/2013 @ 04:30)

Level 2.97 On top of the world

60 years ago this week 2 men stood on Mount Everest for the very first time

(30/05/2013 @ 04:40)

Level 3.97 Boy George

Rob talks about the challanges of being a father with a young son

(22/05/2013 @ 14:45)

Level B.29 Designing a website

The pie team give 5 top tips for designing a successful website

(09/05/2013 @ 04:45)

Level 1.96 British icons: the cuppa

Sit down, put your feet up and have a nice cup of tea!

(02/05/2013 @ 04:50)

Level 2.96 Say 'cheese'! (video)

Jackie discovers that making cheese from scratch comes with some surprises

(25/04/2013 @ 07:30)

Level 3.96 Yummy umami

Helen and Jackie get their tongues around a new taste sensation

(18/04/2013 @ 06:50)

Level B.28 The perfect office part 2

Drawing on her experience, Jo tells us what works best for her

(11/04/2013 @ 05:40)

Level 1.95 A room with a difference

Now Richard finds three more unusual places to stay the night

(04/04/2013 @ 05:20)

Level 2.95 The people's pope?

The Catholic church says goodbye Benedict, hello Francis

(21/03/2013 @ 05:00)

Level 3.95 Trial by jury

Is having 12 strangers decide if someone is innocent or guilty the best way to resolve a criminal case?

(14/03/2013 @ 06:20)

Level B.27 The perfect office part 1

Your working space affects your work, so what makes a good office?

(07/03/2013 @ 06:20)

Level 1.94 What a place to stay!

Jackie has found some very unusual places to stay the night

(28/02/2013 @ 05:50)

Level 2.94 Under the weather

Richard's not feeling very well. Oh dear, what's the matter?

(21/02/2013 @ 04:40)

Level 3.94 Samba sensation

Put your dancing shoes on and join us at the world's biggest carnival!

(14/02/2013 @ 04:35)

Level B.26 Horsemeat, anyone?

There's a nasty surprise for some as they tuck into their beef burgers...

(07/02/2013 @ 05:30)

Level 1.93 Animal odd couples

Some animals simply don't understand that they are not meant to be friends!

(31/01/2013 @ 04:40)

Level 2.93 Lucky 2013

or not? A podcast about 'magic dates' and why they're disappearing

(24/01/2013 @ 05:30)

Level 3.93 The tube (video)

Happy anniversary: The London Underground is 150 years old this week

(10/01/2013 @ 06:35)

Level B.25 The disappearing high street

The way we shop now could see the face of our town centres changing forever

(03/01/2013 @ 04:50)

Level 1.92 Winter blues

Neither Jackie nor Richard are looking forward to the long winter season ahead

(13/12/2012 @ 05:15)

Level 2.92 O Christmas tree!

Why is the 'queen of the forest' part of the Christmas decorations?

(06/12/2012 @ 07:30)

Level 3.92 Coffee break

Richard has several ways of getting his caffeine fix in the morning...

(22/11/2012 @ 05:05)

Level B.24 Profits? What profits?

Starbucks' coffee is leaving a bitter taste but it's got nothing to do with the drink

(15/11/2012 @ 04:35)

Level 1.91 What a wonderful world (video)

David Attenborough sees amazing things on planet Earth

(08/11/2012 @ 05:25)

Level 2.91 Good boy!

Guide dogs help blind people to enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else

(01/11/2012 @ 05:15)

Level 3.91 On yer bike!

Helen and Jackie share past and present memories of getting on their bikes

(25/10/2012 @ 11:30)

Level B.23 The cycling commuter (video)

People should drive or take public transport to work rather than cycle, shouldn't they?

(18/10/2012 @ 04:45)

Level 1.90 Fearless Felix

The amazing story of the man who fell to Earth

(11/10/2012 @ 07:25)

Level 2.90 The octogenerian

How does Robert feel about being 80 years old?

(04/10/2012 @ 10:30)

Level 3.90 Harvest moon

Autumn's full moons are cause for celebration in both the East and West

(27/09/2012 @ 05:00)

Level B.22 Buyer beware

How can Poundland increase its profits by 50% when everything it sells costs £1?

(20/09/2012 @ 06:00)

Level 1.89 Let's go to Rio!

Jackie and Richard are already looking forward to future sporting events in Brazil

(13/09/2012 @ 11:25)

Level 2.89 Students abroad

Scott offers advice to ESL/EFL students at UK universities

(06/09/2012 @ 09:45)

Level 3.89 The Eagle has landed

We recall the amazing Apollo 11 mission to commemorate the death of Neil Armstrong

(30/08/2012 @ 05:15)

Level B.21 Sunday trading

The UK doesn't have a 24/7 shopping culture... yet

(23/08/2012 @ 04:50)

Level 1.88 Beside the seaside

There are some big changes to the traditional British summer holiday beside the sea

(02/08/2012 @ 07:45)

Level 2.88 The Paralympics

Some interesting facts about the other half of London 2012

(26/07/2012 @ 08:15)

Level 3.88 London Olympics

It's here at last, but not everyone's greeting the Games with flag-flying enthusiasm

(19/07/2012 @ 08:15)

Level B.20 The Shard

Will Europe's tallest building be a financial failure or an investment success?

(12/07/2012 @ 07:15)

Level 1.87 Fingers and thumbs

Helen has a problem when she tries to make things...

(05/07/2012 @ 06:20)

Level 2.87 The Fab Four

Fifty years later you can still hear The Beatles' songs being played on the radio - why is that?

(28/06/2012 @ 11:40)

Level 3.87 20/20 vision

Jemma can see clearly now - but that hasn't always been the case

(20/06/2012 @ 14:40)

Level B.19 What money can't buy

Is it acceptable that there's a market for almost anything, or should some things not be for sale?

(14/06/2012 @ 04:45)

Level 1.86 Ice cream mmm (video)

Jackie makes some ice cream, the taste of summer

(07/06/2012 @ 05:35)

Level 2.86 Mad or what?

A British skydiver has jumped from a helicopter without a parachute - and survived!

(30/05/2012 @ 14:40)

Level 3.86 Douze points

The UK wants Baku to vote for 'The Hump' at the Eurovision Song Contest

(18/05/2012 @ 13:15)

Level B.18 The accountant

Vaughan talks about being a fund accountant for BNP Paribas

(10/05/2012 @ 04:30)

Level 1.85 Follow the flame

The Olympic torch relay starts its long journey this month

(03/05/2012 @ 03:35)

Level 2.85 The winner takes it all

The lottery part 2: is life always better after winning a lot of money?

(26/04/2012 @ 05:40)

Level 3.85 The long-distance runner

Jemma talks about how wonderful it feels running a marathon

(19/04/2012 @ 04:35)

Level B.17 Nike station

Big company sponsorship deals are usually welcomed, but not always...

(11/04/2012 @ 07:00)

Level 1.84 Please, sir

A day in the life of a schoolteacher

(29/03/2012 @ 04:35)

Level 2.84 Money money money

The lottery part 1: it seems everyone's dreaming of winning the jackpot

(15/03/2012 @ 03:40)

Level 3.84 Sisters are doin' it for themselves

Or are they? We talk about International Women's Day

(08/03/2012 @ 04:35)

Level B.16 Starting a business 2

Why is starting a new business easier in the US?

(01/03/2012 @ 05:00)

Level 1.83 Lost and found

The amazing underground world of London's Lost Property Office

(23/02/2012 @ 04:35)

Level 2.83 Creature comforts

Which comforts from home is Helen missing while she's living abroad?

(16/02/2012 @ 04:55)

Level 3.83 A garden bench

Richard needs his saw, drill and lots of patience for this woodworking project

(09/02/2012 @ 05:05)

Level B.15 Starting a business 1

Why not start your own business, even if there is a recession...

(02/02/2012 @ 05:05)

Level 1.82 I am sailing

Is Laura's round-the-world solo trip at 16 fantastic, or not?

(26/01/2012 @ 05:10)

Level 2.82 2011 The headlines

Natural disasters, revolutions and a new country: 2011 had it all!

(19/01/2012 @ 12:35)

Level 3.82 British icons: the panto

Actor David talks about one of Britain's winter highlights

(11/01/2012 @ 05:00)

Level 1.81 In a lather (video)

The pie team have found themselves a new hobby - soap making

(15/12/2011 @ 04:50)

Level 2.81 Scott of the Antarctic

100 years ago the race to the South Pole was won, but not by Captain Robert Scott

(08/12/2011 @ 08:45)

Level 3.81 Lord of the lip (video)

How has Adam been fundraising for the Movember campaign?

(01/12/2011 @ 07:15)

Level B.14 Ms marketing

Helen from Jersey Heritage talks about the importance of target audience

(24/11/2011 @ 05:15)

Level 1.80 Why Occupy? (video)

Amanda from Occupy Wall Street gives her reasons for being part of the protest

(17/11/2011 @ 06:35)

Level 2.80 Poppy Day

How a simple red wildflower can have so much meaning

(10/11/2011 @ 08:25)

Level 3.80 Fire! Fire! (video)

Peter describes his narrow escape from a forest fire

(03/11/2011 @ 04:15)

Level B.13 False claims

Not all companies get away with exaggerating what their products can do

(27/10/2011 @ 05:45)

Level 1.79 Mine's a Mars bar

The pie team look back on their favourite chocolate bars

(20/10/2011 @ 05:30)

Level 2.79 Let's bake!

Bread, pies and tarts; there's more to baking than making a cake!

(13/10/2011 @ 05:15)

Level 3.79 The big mac

Are Apple computers the best designed in the world?

(06/10/2011 @ 05:00)

Level B.12 Customer service

What has a smiling dinosaur got to do with providing good service?

(22/09/2011 @ 05:50)

Level 1.78 Double act

Meet Ana-Louisa, a language teacher with two hats!

(15/09/2011 @ 08:30)

Level 2.78 Come camping! (video)

Join the pie team in their tent, and never mind the rain!

(25/08/2011 @ 04:15)

Level 3.78 Going Dutch!

Meet Hendrik, who doesn't come from Holland!

(18/08/2011 @ 07:00)

Level B.11 Welcome to Wales (video)

where the business world meets

(11/08/2011 @ 04:40)

Level 1.77 Return to the blue house (video)

What a lot of changes since the pie team bought their house!

(28/07/2011 @ 09:15)

Level 2.77 How to serve (video)

Top tennis tips for the summer months ahead

(21/07/2011 @ 04:30)

Level 3.77 Ironman!

He's fit and he's tough; James tells us what he does to become an Ironman!

(14/07/2011 @ 10:00)

Level B.10 The Greek crisis

How are the beautiful Greek islands coping with the economic crisis?

(07/07/2011 @ 05:45)

Level 1.76 Penela: our local town

The pie team talk about what to see in their town up the road

(30/06/2011 @ 09:15)

Level 2.76 Let's twist again!

like we did 50 years ago! The pie team celebrate the ever popular dance

(23/06/2011 @ 07:45)

Level 3.76 Festival fun

Are the pie team going to be joining the festival crowds this summer?

(16/06/2011 @ 05:30)

Level B.9 Running a small business

Simon talks about some of the challenges he faces

(02/06/2011 @ 04:40)

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