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The World Hopes for Renewed Cooperation Under New U.S. President Joe Biden

World leaders expressed hope Wednesday that Biden would right the world's largest democracy

(20/01/2021 @ 21:19)

Joe Biden's Immigration Bill Aims to Address the Root Causes of Migration. Will it Work?

President Biden sent an immigration bill to Congress that includes fixing the root causes of migration, particularly from Central America.

(20/01/2021 @ 20:42)

A New Strain of COVID-19 Is Being Blamed for a Surge in Cases in Brazil. Here's What to Know

Fears the new strain could overcome antibodies and reinfect patients have little evidence behind them

(20/01/2021 @ 14:52)

Thai Woman Sentenced to 43 Years in Prison for Posting Criticism of the King on Social Media

The court found the woman guilty of violating the lese majeste law for posting clips to Facebook and YouTube with comments deemed critical of the monarchy

(20/01/2021 @ 02:05)

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Resurfaces Months After Vanishing From Public View

Ma's re-emergence may help quell persistent rumors about his fate while Beijing pursues investigations into Ant and Alibaba

(20/01/2021 @ 01:20)

Pompeo Says China Has Committed ‘Genocide' in Xinjiang Province

Many of those accused of having taken part in repression in Xinjiang are already under U.S. sanctions

(19/01/2021 @ 14:20)

After the COVID-19 Pandemic We Need to Build More Resilient Countries

In 2020, the world witnessed what happens when a global risk becomes reality. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 have now passed 95 million globally, with more than 2 million deaths. Millions more face the economic effects of the pandemic, with the world’s most vulnerable facing the worst consequences. Yet the pandemic – devastating in itself –…

(19/01/2021 @ 05:30)

Workers Trapped for a Week in a Chinese Mine Ask for Pickles and Porridge

The 11 miners say they are suffering from toxic fumes and rising water levels and are calling on rescuers not to give up.

(19/01/2021 @ 05:12)

Asia Was a Model for How to Deal With COVID-19. Why Is It Lagging in Vaccine Rollouts?

But most nations in the Asia-Pacific region, including South Korea, won't begin vaccinating citizens until February or March.

(19/01/2021 @ 04:49)

Kremlin Critic Alexei Navalny Jailed for 30 Days as His Supporters Plan Protests

The ruling followed a hastily set up hearing at a police precinct where he was being held since his arrest Sunday.

(18/01/2021 @ 21:54)

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Réforme Bac 2021
- BO spécial n° 6 du 31 juillet 2020: LLCER/ AMC - épreuves terminales du baccalauréat

- BO spécial n° 6 du 31 juillet 2020: LLCER/ AMC - évaluations communes en classe de  1ere si la spécialité est abandonnée

- BO spécial n° 6 du 31 juillet 2020: Evaluations communes LVA / LVB, cycle terminal, lycée général et technologique

 - BO n° 30 du 23 juillet 2020: AMC: programmes de la classe de 1ère et Tle

- BO n° 21 du 21 mai 2020: LLCER: programme limitatif de la classe de Tle

- BO Spécial n° 2 du 13 février 2020: Epreuve du "Grand oral"

- BO spécial n° 8 du 25 juillet 2019  LLCER- : programme de la classe de Tle. 

-  BO n°22 du 29 mai 2019: LLCER: programme limitatif de la classe de 1ère (2019-2020/2020-2021)

- BO spécial n°1 du 22 janvier 2019.  LLCER : programme de la classe de 1ère

- BO spécial n°1 du 22 janvier 2019. LVA/LVB: programmes des classes de  2nde, 1ere, Tle

- E3C: banque nationale de sujets

- Eduscol: Ressources d'accompagnement  LLCER
(nov. 2019)

- Eduscol: Ressources pour l' ETLV

- Eduscol : série de  Sujets Zéro pour les nouvelles épreuves du Bac 2021.

- Vers le BAC 2021": outils et ressources pour la mise en œuvre; textes de référence; présentation de la réforme du baccalauréat." - Eduscol.

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