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The Nigerian Government Has Pledged to #EndSARS and Reform the Police. This Isn't the First Time They've Made That Promise

Nigeria's government has a long history of promising police reform. Here's what to know about that past—and whether this time is different

(28/10/2020 @ 11:54)

Little Recognition and Less Pay: These Female Healthcare Workers Are Rural India's First Defense Against COVID-19

Accredited Social Health Activists are on the frontlines of India's COVID-19 fight, while protesting for better pay

(28/10/2020 @ 03:29)

Top Facebook India Executive Leaves the Company Following Controversy Over Hate Speech

Facebook’s top policy official in India, Ankhi Das, stepped down from the company on Tuesday following reports this summer by TIME and the Wall Street Journal that detailed links between senior Facebook staff and India’s ruling party. A Facebook spokesperson told TIME that Das’s departure “has nothing to do with the parliamentary inquiry or the…

(27/10/2020 @ 10:56)

What the U.S. Can Learn From How Other Countries Voted During the Pandemic

Dozens of countries, from Singapore to Bolivia, have held elections since the pandemic began

(27/10/2020 @ 10:39)

Europe's Second Wave of COVID-19 is Being Driven by Two Countries. Here's Why

Europe is clearly in the grip of a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. In the past week, countries throughout Europe—including Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, the U.K, and Ukraine—have all recorded their highest daily caseloads since the pandemic started. But two of these stand out. As of Oct.…

(27/10/2020 @ 08:17)

U.S. Christian Right Groups Are Pouring Millions Into Conservative and Anti-LGBTQ Causes in Europe, New Report Says

Twenty-eight U.S. Christian right groups have spent millions of dollars pursuing conservative agendas that threaten LGBTQ and women’s rights in Europe, a new investigation by British news website openDemocracy found Tuesday. The investigation by openDemocracy found that more than two dozen organizations have been involved in legal battles across Europe opposing same-sex adoption, defending legislation…

(27/10/2020 @ 04:00)

Bomb at Seminary in Pakistan Kills 7 Children and Wounds 70

Several of the wounded students are in critical condition and authorities fear the death toll could climb further

(27/10/2020 @ 02:41)

Muslims Call for a Boycott of French Goods to Protest Caricatures

A clash over depictions of the Prophet Muhammad and the limits of free speech is intensifying

(26/10/2020 @ 23:42)

Protests Against an Abortion Ban Continue for a Fifth Day in Poland

Women's rights activists defy pandemic restrictions to express fury at the tightening of an already strict abortion law.

(26/10/2020 @ 21:53)

What Happens Next in Pakistan Now That the Opposition Has Come Together

For a country that continues to struggle on the economic front, Pakistan has handled Covid-19 admirably… making it one of the most unlikely COVID-19 success stories to date. But successfully dealing with a pandemic isn’t a cure for Pakistan’s democracy, which has been ailing for some time now. And domestic struggle reached a new fever…

(26/10/2020 @ 15:09)

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Réforme Bac 2021
- BO spécial n° 6 du 31 juillet 2020: LLCER/ AMC - épreuves terminales du baccalauréat

- BO spécial n° 6 du 31 juillet 2020: LLCER/ AMC - évaluations communes en classe de  1ere si la spécialité est abandonnée

- BO spécial n° 6 du 31 juillet 2020: Evaluations communes LVA / LVB, cycle terminal, lycée général et technologique

 - BO n° 30 du 23 juillet 2020: AMC: programmes de la classe de 1ère et Tle

- BO n° 21 du 21 mai 2020: LLCER: programme limitatif de la classe de Tle

- BO Spécial n° 2 du 13 février 2020: Epreuve du "Grand oral"

- BO spécial n° 8 du 25 juillet 2019  LLCER- : programme de la classe de Tle. 

-  BO n°22 du 29 mai 2019: LLCER: programme limitatif de la classe de 1ère (2019-2020/2020-2021)

- BO spécial n°1 du 22 janvier 2019.  LLCER : programme de la classe de 1ère

- BO spécial n°1 du 22 janvier 2019. LVA/LVB: programmes des classes de  2nde, 1ere, Tle

- E3C: banque nationale de sujets

- Eduscol: Ressources d'accompagnement  LLCER
(nov. 2019)

- Eduscol: Ressources pour l' ETLV

- Eduscol : série de  Sujets Zéro pour les nouvelles épreuves du Bac 2021.

- Vers le BAC 2021": outils et ressources pour la mise en œuvre; textes de référence; présentation de la réforme du baccalauréat." - Eduscol.

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