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Le BO (Bulletin Officiel) hors série n°3 du 19 juin 2008 instaure la mise en place des nouveaux programmes. Vous le trouverez ici.


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Réaction n°15 

par Ollie le 19/10/2017 @ 02:22

Once the selected grid shows up, start up the game by pressing the object to switch on/off. The interface is crisp and very easy to use; both for adults and children.

Réaction n°14 

par Mason le 07/10/2017 @ 01:39

[Mark Twains] best work is not only classic humorous writing but a graphic picture of the nineteenth-century American scene. - Widgets showing the latest headlines for each publication can now be added to the homescreen.

Réaction n°13 

par Edward le 25/09/2017 @ 11:52

Are you one of those guys that seemingly can eat whatever they want but never gain weight. Check out who is the master of Le Parkour in the world thanks to the scoreboard.

Réaction n°12 

par Dexter le 10/08/2017 @ 11:19

Just open the app, type in a short message, and create the note. You can now import your friends photos directly from Facebook and upload directly to Facebook with this version.

Réaction n°11 

par Dexter le 21/07/2017 @ 02:46

This is very educational content and written well for a change. It's nice to see that some people still understand how to write a quality post.

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